My visual list...

30 December 2009

I am back from my week long holiday - who can believe it! I was really spoilt at Christmas time as well as on holiday. To show you... I have compiled a visual list of some of the amazing gifts I received as well as some goodies I spoiled myself with. I will blog about some other delights I received soon. See below for the details.
Clockwise from the top:
A pink leather envelope from Campo Marzio - pure luxury.
Summer captured in a macaroon - bright and delicious macaroons bought at Melissa's.
A Lakin Bottle from Daniel - this means I won't need to buy bottled water again. A sigh of relief for the environment!
Diana Mini camera from my parents. Watch this space for some of my snaps.
Studded leather belt from County Road.
Bringing Home the Birkin - a book from my best friend Sam.
A bird folder from Nikky Home. Beautiful!


22 December 2009

Before I hurry off...I must announce the winner of the Sewing Lucky Packet giveaway. Miss Lauren of Glossary has won hands down for her amazing effort to always say something wonderful about Cupcake Couture. She even designed a banner for me that links to my blog. Thank you - I will be sure to get your little packet of love to you. Okay - now I am going on holiday!

I am off...

Images via Tumblr
Cupcake Couture is out of here for a long anticipated holiday! All the cracker orders are done...I can't believe it! 68 crackers later and I am exhausted. Thank you to all who supported the "Green Crackers". Another thank you to all of you for your support this past year. It has been a magical year. I will away until the 30th December and will be snapping away and looking for inspiration as always. I will also keep my eyes open for some treasures to transform into Cupcake Couture creations. I can't wait to start taking pics with my new Diana Mini! Bye Bye...and merry, merry Christmas!

Last I heart Market of 2009

I heart Market is officially over for 2009, but I am sure that after a well deserved break all the stall holders will be hard at work again!

Last I heart Market of 2009

18 December 2009

Tomorrow is your last chance to stop by for some shopping, handmade delights and some magical music. I heart Market is saying adeiu to 2009 as we look forward to many more Saturdays "marketing" in 2010!

Living & Loving January 2010

17 December 2009

Truly happy that Cupcake Couture is in the January 2010 issue of Living and Loving magazine. A good start to the new year and hopefully a positive omen of things to come. In the first page - the little brunette girl is wearing a Cupcake Couture alice band. In the second page - the little blond girl is wearing a Cupcake Couture tape measure corsage. Wonderful...

A day off

16 December 2009

I never complain when I have a day off and what better way to spend it than at the Corner Cafe in Glenwood. They are closed as of today because Judd and Jeannie are off on honeymoon. They reopen on the 11th January.

Orders are Closing...

Please note that all Cupcake Couture orders need to be in by no later than Friday 18 December. This is to make sure that you receive them in time for Christmas. If you have already ordered crackers - they will be finished by no later than next week Tuesday. Thanks as always for all your support. Today is exactly one week until I go on holiday! Hooray!

Choc Star*

14 December 2009

Choc Star is a mobile chocolate shop selling all sorts of homemade delicacies. Hot chocolate, cupcakes, Malteser name it. Petra Barran spent three months giving the Leyland DAF (the van) a makeover. The inside is complete with Neisha Crosland wallpaper, pink neon-underlit shelves and cupboard handles made of silver spoons. Find her on Brick Lane (London) on Sundays and at all the big Summer festivals. She is on tour at the moment.

More snips & snaps from the market

13 December 2009

Loving the new Dim Sum menu at Beanbag.

The prefect colours - buttons on the retro hairdryer at Paper Doll's stall

Amazing wares at Lisa and Jo. I bought some tags as a gift for a dear friend's birthday.

More finds at Paperdoll

I bought this truly beautiful turquoise phone

More of the retro hairdryer - it is super cool and even has a nail dryer...essential!

An installation piece by the duo from Tea and Sympathy

Spotted these market goers wearing Cupcake Couture

I heart Market - No. 2

Layers upon layers of colour filled the Cupcake Couture table this week as you can see by my table collage. Come visit next week for your last chance to shop our wares before Christmas.

Almost time...

11 December 2009

Remember to join us at the second of three I heart Markets...tomorrow. You can still enter the giveaway for the sewing lucky packet which I have extended until Monday the 21st December. See you there!

A cracking good time

This week this box travelled to Cape Town to spread some cheer at Elsje Designs. I hope that they loved them! Elsje and her team are a couture design company, specializing in creating exclusive event stationery. My services were required to make their Christmas party joyful and I hope I succeeded.

A Cupcake Couture Day at the Office

10 December 2009

Carol Clark


An inspiring stop in between the work
I try and balance my time between my day job and Cupcake Couture. Every now and again I get to slip away and take a Cupcake Couture office day. This is what it usually consists of... Check on stock at the shops that I supply and deliver some new goodies. Today I went to Carol Clark and Mooi. I also stock up on supplies for new creations. I never forget to spend some time in my creative environment taking care of the admin side of the business. To add to the day I also try and visit at least one inspirational place. I count this as work because I can blog about it. Sneaky, but I am the boss!

Win a lomo...

Hang Ten are giving away 330 lomo cameras. So if you think Santa didn't get your note then head in store.

A room with a view

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on craft spaces and rooms as it is so fascinating to me. Today I am peering into the studio and creative space of Mark Giglio. Read more here...