PS I Made This...

Today I decided to take my inspiration from PS I Made This. Armed with sequins, a shoulder pad, pins, threads and all the necessaries I embarked on some DIY. The business side of Cupcake Couture kept me so busy in 2009 that I barely had time to accessorize myself before running out the door. 2010 is set to be as busy, but I thought that it would be best if I make sure that I have some wardrobe inspiration before taking on the world.

Shoulder embellishments can be seen on many a runway and on the pages of glossies so why not make your own. Part Balmain, part Balenciaga...all lust for black. I added mine to a Mr Price satin vest for extra edge. Priced to go at R29.99. Recessionista in full force!

Birds & more...

It is no secret that I have a little love affair with birds.  So... you can understand my joy when I discovered Geninne's Art Blog.  Her soulful winged friends are more than pretty pictures, they are colourful odes to beautiful birds.  Geninne describes herself as a curious stay at home mom, living with her husband and two boys and a cute border collie named TurboTurbo is adorable and even has his own blog showing his adventures.  For more of Geninne's creative space, lovely and inspiring tutorials, flickr and etsy shop make your way to her blog and delve into a world of perfectly created characters.

Happy Weekend x

Buttons & Beauties

While I was in Cape Town I found some vintage buttons which I have since added a Cupcake Couture touch to (top row of photos).  I photographed them with two second hand books that I recently bought.  One is... Love is a Special Way of Feeling and the other is Ronnie Barker's Book of Bathing Beauties.  I love it when old books have messages in feels as if you share in the joy that the person hopefully felt when they received it.


Cupcake Couture is so excited to be part of Papergirl SA.
Papergirl is an art project which, in the style of American paperboys, distributes rolled art pieces by bicycle to random passers-by in the streets. The project started in Berlin and has now spread across the world to Cape Town.  You can be part of the creative process too if you are in Cape Town - just see below for all the details.
I will be sure to post some of my creations that I send off.  Wishing I could be in the city when it takes place.

Yellow, Red & Blue

Coelho Culture posted about red and blue a while back.  Yesterday was a snapping day and as I snapped more and more I saw some common threads of colour running through all the photos.  Yellow, red and blue.  What a trio...good on their own, but even better together.

For Sale from Cupcake Couture - SOLD

Little Turquoise Telephone:

Price: 110ZAR (incl. postage within South Africa) -
Sorry - this product has been sold.
For international shipping costs - please contact me via

Height: 10cm
Length from front to back: 17cm
Width across with handset: 19cm

This is a vintage children's toy phone. It looks super real though and the colour is unique. It was part of a set that linked to each other so that you can sit in one room and chat to a person in another. Now it just sits pretty as part of your decor.

To purchase please email
Terms & Conditions available on request and will be sent when a purchase enquiry is made.

For Sale from Cupcake Couture

I have decided to start a new type of post - "For Sale".  Basically the items posted are For Sale to people in South Africa or via Monsterpay for international shoppers.  My etsy shop is up and running, but I am giving my blog readers first choice before items get listed.  I hope you like some of the delights available!

Record Clock 01
Price:  120ZAR (incl. postage within South Africa)
For international shipping costs - please contact me via

This record clock measures 30cm in diameter. 

It works with one AA battery.  It is sold with its original cover.  The record is vintage, but the clock mechanism is brand new.

To purchase please email
Terms & Conditions available on request and will be sent when a purchase enquiry is made.

The Bell Jar

If you are thinking Sylvia Path then think again. Maro of Zara's Cafe in Umhlanga (Durban) displays her cakes on Kiaat boards with elegant bell jars over them. She has extra bell jars that are available to buy and the boards are made by Woodnewz my dad's company. Daniel my fiancĂ© designed them and orders are open - you can contact them via their website. Kiaat is an amazingly beautiful wood that nods to retro design elements. 

Pretty Package

I found these cool Gold Nugget Bubble Gum drawstring bags at an odd, little sweet shop. I am now using them to package Cupcake Couture's necklaces / accessories. They are fun and add a quirky touch and a sweet treat for you to keep with your new purchase.

Durban as Inspiration

It has been a while since I have done a "Durban as Inspiration" post.  At the end of last year when I had some days off...I went for a wonder around Eclectic.  A favourite spot of mine that I missed when I was in London.  Eclectic in Gordon Road (just of Florida) is a rich, treasure trove of all things vintage, quirky and interesting.  Once of antiques meet Tretchikoff paintings and vintage brooches line many a shelf.  Take your time and browse as you are sure to awaken your inner magpie.

I had great fun editing these image in Rollip.  You can add vintage effects to your photos or just plain polaroid frames.

I have been craving Skittles all week.

Send some Love

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Hop - Skip - Jump

Take a hop, skip or jump over to SoBinique...a truly beautiful blog.  It is filled with inspiration to make a gloomy day light and joyful.

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