New card design

28 February 2011

I am feeling rather chuffed with my new business cards, logo and design elements.  What are your thoughts?

I drew most of the inspiration from product packaging and one card that I particularly liked was that of Stitch. 
I love business cards with a difference, but I do need to say that I find the printing options in Durban rather disappointing.  There seems to be a philosophy that the cheaper the better with which I can agree with to a certain extent, but quality says a lot more about a business.  A well printed card...cut with precision is a level of perfection that can't be beaten.

Thank you Lauren for the photos!  Pictured with my card is a lomo badge - these will be available on Saturday at I heart Market.
Wishing you all a good week!

wolfy wolfy...what's the time

Tea time at Wolves!  I finally got to visit Angie at her little den of goodness!  The red velvet cake was truly delicious and the homemade cordial a tasty delight!  Thanks Angie!
Whilst I was in town I also managed to go to The Patisserie where I had some macaroons and peanut butter marshmallows.  Another stop was Bicccs in Waterkloof for ice cream (the motorbike photo is from there).  Lots of eating...YUM!  It didn't all happen in one day - just in case you were worried about my health.
Dangling cups at The Patisserie.


25 February 2011

A sigh of relief and three cheers for the weekend!
This weekend I am on the hunt for vintage finds to add to my I heart Market stall which is next weekend (5th March).
Then I am off  to meet new friends at the Bloggers' Coffee and Cake at Corner Cafe.  Durban bloggies come along - I want to meet you.
Lastly I am looking through our wedding photos which we received yesterday.  I will share them soon.
Have a very pretty, glittery, twinkling and happy weekend!

More wall space is needed - for these prints from Fine Arts Lab via Etsy

giveaway time

22 February 2011

The two lovely ladies from Mooi are sponsoring a giveaway.
You can win this dress and they have been nice enough to offer it in various sizes.  I specifically like the pocket detail and styling it with some quirky brooches such as those by Whimsy or Hello Fox are only one of the ways in which to wear it.

To Enter:  You must be a follower of their blog and leave us a kind comment on this post.
They are growing their followers / readership and will soon be offering new and pretty updates via their blog.

This is an international giveaway so our faraway friends can win too.
The winner will be picked on the 7th of March.
Happy winning!

You can visit their shop -
100 Bulwer Road

new, new, new...

20 February 2011

Welcome back!  I needed a little bit of time off last week to take a break and get various things in order.  I am back this week with all that I promised!  Watch this space for a new giveaway starting later in the week.

Please bare with me as I edit all the new design elements of the blog.  I hope you like the slightly revised logo. 

I thought I would share some of the products that I made for I heart Market with you.   The next market is on the 5th of March so pencil us in.

 Button Scoop

 A rosette collaboration with Natalie Louise

 Earrings displayed on the new Cupcake Couture tags

 Button boxes...filled with vintage buttons

 Paper garlands used as decoration on my stall

 Rosette with a Eiffel Tower charm and vintage button

Thank you Lauren for these photos!

'deer' you...

16 February 2011

Hello 'deer' readers...
Just a quick post to say...come back next week for some:
  • New Posts and Inspiration
  • A giveaway
  • Some new products that will be for sale
  • And...last, but not least the unveiling of new design elements for Cupcake Couture

Thank you for all your wonderful comments!

Deer Rosette - For Sale R120 (ex postage)
This little deer is bound to be lovely company!  He has very good manners and is truly a happy creature!  He whispers nice things to make you feel beautiful and he loves vintage frocks and coats to which he can snuggle up and snore the day away!  Lucky little guy!
Sold on a card - perfect as a gift or for the lapel of your favourite coat!
Mail me if you would like to give it a happy home.

Thank you Lauren for taking this photo!

happy valentine's day

14 February 2011

I am a real Valentine's Day person...not in a red rose, kitch teddy type of way, but rather in the way that means you share the love with everyone!  Sending you love on this day and far beyond...
I love you from this Etsy Shop.

09 February 2011

This week there is much on my to do list - don't let list get in the way of life.  We need them to know what we still have to do, but every now and again make a list of fun things to achieve...that way life won't only be about groceries and appointments!

I specifically like this unconventional list...The Notebook Doodles.
Thank you Katrina from Pugly Pixel for telling me where find the work of this talented doodler.

I find that my to do lists sometimes make me focus on have to keep running to reach your goals.  Take a water break and have a slice of cake (preferably with someone you adore)!

Cake & Company - found via here.

I wish I could pack lightly - all I need is the beautiful things shown in this picture found here.

I am packing for a weekend away and an adventure with a dear friend!  Quite excited!
When packing for your day - remember to take along a smile, a sincere compliment to handout and a some strength in case your day is tough!

A couple of pretty things on my list that I love...
Wearing something unique like these designs Clarissa Labin.

 Unusual Valentines - Spread the love and send someone something special.  My favourite is from Misako Mimoko.
Happy list making!

Sneak Peek: Wedding Photo

06 February 2011

We received a sneak peek of one of our wedding photos.  Probably one of the last ones taken on the day... I can't wait to see more of them!  Thanks to Tyrone (our wedding photographer) for the kind words that he wrote about us on his blog.

I can't believe the weekend is over!  I heart Market was so much fun...hoping to share a couple of pics of the day with you soon.
Have a happy week dear friends!

Happy Weekend!

04 February 2011

This card is almost edible - I received it with some buttons and delightfully pretty clips.  Jacci from the blog What Jacci did Next sent them to me as part of my Button Hunt.  Thank you so much Jacci!  What a cheerful package to receive!

Just a reminder that it is I heart Market tomorrow at The DLI Hall.  It starts at 9am and ends at 2pm.  Come and join us!

Wishing you a sparkly, joyful and ridiculously happy weekend!

Elle: February Issue

03 February 2011

I want to thank Lauren from Glossary today for snapping a photo of me (bottom right) which got used in an Elle street style feature.  The Elle girls were shooting some Durban stylistas on the same day as our wedding and so I sent in a photo instead.  Thank you Lauren and thank you Elle!

I am wearing:
A vintage dress
Belt - Vintage
Pumps - Mr Price (of course)
Sunglasses - Mr Price

A few lovely things...

01 February 2011

I found this amazing punch last year when I was doing some random stationery shopping.  It is such a great find and punches corners to look like a doily!  I wish we could find more Martha Stewart supplies in South Africa.

We had some stamps made for our wedding via Lisa and Jo stationery, our invite had the same 'logo' on it.  They work perfectly now too - when we send a card or post something which is from the both of us.  Very regal I think...

Have you entered this wonderful giveaway from Mint?  You can pop over to Coelho Culture to enter.  It is quite a generous giveaway and would look lovely in any home!

Hope you are having a happy week!