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The very cool site Handsome Things did a little artist profile on me...honoured I am!  They do amazing work by  showcasing cool, quirky and clever things.  So interesting to learn about various designers, crafters and illustrators. handsome things!

Wish I was here...

Wish I was here today...
Where do you wish you were?

Picture from Local Data Search

A happy moment

Cupcake Couture was lucky enough to be featured in the April issue of Marie Claire.  Such a happy moment for me.  Thank you to you all of my readers for your kind comments and visits - you make blogging worth it.

An interesting collection

I bought a jar of random buttons and nik naks at an antique shop.  The jar in itself was really attractive and fairly old, but until I could examine all the contents I didn't realise all the interesting things inside.

Vintage buckles
A wooden scrabble letter (my mother's name is Ellen so I am going to create something for her)
Old coins
Medals and members badges
Clip on vintage earrings

There was even a couple of small packets (which the white strips belong to) - they list which item of clothing the buttons belong to:  'Nov 1991:  Buttons for navy suit' and the second one 'For charcoal suit Racing 18.10 86'.  Such organisation!

The buttons on cards are from Highway Hospice.

Collections are so amazing and even better when they are random as they show slices of different people's lives.

More great collections:
A Collection a Day
Milk Eggs Vodka:  Grocery Lists Lost and Found
Pyrex Collector
A miniature chair collection
Amazing enamel brooches


Happy Easter.
We are so fortunate to have some time off and I am looking forward to relaxing!  See you next week.

Picture - Studio Violet
Doily - Pugly Pixel
Banner - MiniToko

Tweet Tweet

I have had my eye on this bird for quite a while and luckily he stayed and waited till I bought him.  I absolutely love it!  It sits pretty on my desk and reminds me of Heather Moore's Eep print.
Hope you are having a happy week.

More from the April market

More of mycraf stall details from the April - I heart Market.

A Cupcake Couture customer's creation at the Build a Brooch
Vintage teacups for sale
Jars - full of various goodies.  Each jar has a theme for example sewing, tea party or baking.
Ready made corsages
The Stall

Thanks to Lauren - my product and market photographer.

More on...Spaces

I have had a few questions regarding Spaces. 

So here are some more facts: 
  •  Spaces is a book that shows the interiors and creative spaces of different people from around the world. 
  • It is BIG:  255 pages of beauty.
  • It isn't cheap.  The book costs R370...the reason is... it comes all the way from Australia.  Freight is expensive so that really adds to the price.
  • It is worth it though - that I promise and guarantee
  • You can see inside the book by clicking over to Glossary (a happy Spaces customer - photo above taken by Lauren) or even here for more insight.  I also have a copy with me at I heart Market - so you can peep and enjoy.
There is currently only one copy left.  What can I is lovely and wonderful and so has almost sold out. not can order a copy.

I hope that answers some questions.  Mail me if you have any others. x

 I made these recently for a wedding.  Lovely soft shades of grey and light pink to go on the lapels of the two fathers and a brother.    I am sure it is going to be a beautiful day.

Just Arrived

Spaces (from Frankie magazine) has arrived and is now for sale.
There are only three copies as I usually sell these by order.
If you would like a copy - you can email me.
It is an amazing collection of creative homes and as the names says...spaces.

There is a fun Cupcake Couture giveaway over on pop over to see what you can win.

What I Wore...

On Saturday...Daniel had the day off which was lovely!  We got to go for lunch and in general just spend some good, quality time together.

What I Wore:
Sunglasses:  Mr Price
Necklace:  Vintage (found at Eclectic's sale)
Faded, floral shirt:  Pick n Pay Clothing (yes...I shop there - laugh if you like)
Belt:  Random find and very old
Skirt:  Vintage bought in London
Pumps:  Burberry
Bag:  Vintage

With pleated skirts being such a fashion hit at the moment - I am very proud of this vintage number scouted a couple of years ago.  The site du jour - Lolly Loves has a fantastic version if you are on the hunt!  I wear mine often and you can keep it casual or dress it up...truly a transitional and classic wardrobe staple.

Happy Weekend

The weekend is here!  What are your plans?
I have some work to do and tonight I am trying out a new restaurant with some friends.

The very cool paper cameras come from the Etsy shop of Mel Stringer.
You download them and create them.  The colours are amazing.
You can also adapt it to make a pinhole camera - so clever.

Next week you can look forward to:
Spaces:  The new batch has arrived and will be for sale.
More photos from the market.
A giveaway.
Cupcake Couture items that will be for sale via the blog.

Tea for Me

I don't drink tea or coffee.  I know some of you are wondering how I can possibly survive!  Sometimes so do I.  I wish I could have a cup of coffee in the morn to help me jump out of bed, but I just don't like it.  I have discovered Woolworths Vanilla Chai though, which is such a treat.  Finally something delicious and warming for me to drink...especially in this Wintery weather that Durban is currently experiencing.  It tastes like dessert in a cup! 

 I decided to look up 'tea making' in one of my favourite books - The Goddess Guide by Giselle Scanlon. 

She says...
Brewing a great cuppa
The secret to brewing a good cuppa is to fill the kettle with fresh water that has not previously been boiled (preheating the water reduces the oxygen content and compromises the taste).

Pour another...

A delish 'cuppa' for me in one of my favourite antique cups bought at Eclectic in Gordon Road.  The teaspoon was a gift from Paris - makes stirring a pleasure.


On Saturday was I heart Market and over and above my usual stall - I decided to add another table to allow market goers to build their own brooches.

Here are the steps...

It was such fun - seeing which ribbon and buttons people picked.
I will post some photos of my main stall too.  Thanks to my dear friends Lauren (photos & building) and Tarryn (managing main stall) for their help on Saturday!

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