What I Wore...

A bit of vintage, some thrift and one or two other pieces is what my outfit is made up of.  As always I rely on Lauren to encourage me to do outfit posts and she snapped this pic for me after some delicious lunch at Ciao Bella Cafe.

I am wearing:
Mr Price Sunglasses
A vintage clutch, necklace, jacket and trousers.  All scoured around Durban
River Island Shoes and a top from Woolworths

Have you found any cool thrifted or vintage items lately?

Horsing around...

This isn't the usual CC rosette style, but I still had fun making it.  It is for a themed shoot and I did several different equestrian styled ribbon rosettes.
Hope you had a happy weekend!

031 Collection Round Up

Mr Price:
031 Collection

From the Judges:
Mili Bongela
Jo Coelho

From the front row:
Elle Magazine

Aske Ashe
JP Brouard
Glossary (Photo above - by Lauren)
Miss Molly


Shades of Macaroon

Delicious shades of macaroons.  This beautiful batch is from Macaroon Cafe on Florida Road.  Posting is few and far between...sorry about that!  More posts coming soon.

Images found via Polyvore:
Jacket:  Chloe
Hat:  Juicy Couture
Brooch:  Lanvin
Shoes:  Michael Antonio

Happy Weekend

Happy weekend!
There hasn't been much posting this week as things have been a bit busy, but I am looking forward to getting into the swing of things next week!

Tonight I am off to the 031 Collection to see some local talent (and one international supermodel).
Tomorrow - I simply must do some work...it never ends, but I enjoy it!
Sunday...would be a wonderful day for spending some time reading and being lazy, eating delicious food and dreaming.

Cute Bambi from babyc on flickr

Creative Space

If you have seen the work of local artist Terry Angelos then I am sure you can imagine what her creative spaces would look like...I was so interested to see where she worked and thought I would share it with you.  I almost expected the whimsical characters in her pieces to leap off the pages and out of their frames to join us for tea.

I recently did a product trade with her and chose a beautiful sewing themed notebook which I will share with you in another post.  Enjoy the tour of her space...

Friend or Faux?

I have always observed fashion, but first became aware of fur and PETA when I was about twelve years old.  I adored all the original supermodels...Claudia, Naomi, but Cindy was my absolute favourite.  When she first posed for PETA I made a stand to always be anti fur prior to that my life consisted of riding my bike and deciding on what Barbie was going to wear.  I am no Stella McCartney and I enjoy a good steak, but how fine is the line between what we wear, what we eat and our ideals surrounding fashion!  Who ends up being the victim of our never ending search for the next trend!

Elle magazine recently asked me for my opinion on fur.   Is wearing vintage fur okay?  What about faux fur is it trendy or just tacky?  Is fur reserved for the ageing, kooky aunt or front row fashion maven?
I want to hear what you have to say...

Please tell me your thoughts.
If you would prefer to email me your thoughts - please do.

*Update:  Thank you to those who commented last week as well as the emails.
Unfortunately this post disappeared during the Blogger maintenance - please leave your thoughts again. 

A teapot stole my heart

My happy snappy photos doesn't do this extraordinary place justice.  Over Easter my family and I headed for the Midlands and stopped at Lavender Trout (I think that is the name).  They have a collection of packing from years gone by... which isn't for sale, but is so interesting and amazing to look at.  This blue teapot captured my heart, but I decided not to buy it...mmm might have to go back and hope it is still there. 

On another note...the market was really lovely!  I didn't have a minute to snap any photos.  I will, however be adding some new items to the shop.

Happy Weekend

One of my favourite Etsy shops is having a wonderful discount.  If you check out The Light Fantastic blog - you will get a check out code for 50% off your order.  Can't think of a happier weekend pressie!

 Remember tomorrow is I heart Market - come and Build a Brooch and say hello!
 Wishing you a happy weekend!  Have fun!

I wish all of these would hop into my wardrobe!  A girl can dream...
1.  Meredeth Wendell Duffel
2.  Tom Binns Necklace
3.  Jil Sander Brogues

Will you...?

I can hear your boom boom heart...

In my prep for Saturday I decided to package up some vintage accessories that will be for sale.  Some scarves, belts and clutches.  Each has a tag to accompany it with some song lyrics on as well as a little added extra like a brooch, clips or button card.  I don't want to give them all away, but here are some of my favourites...Louis Jordan, The Kooks and The Plasticines.

Which one do you like best?

For each I heart Market I make a new set of pom-poms or garlands for my stall.  I have just finished a new batch for Saturday and thought I would ask you which one was your favourite so far?

Picture Love

In love with the illustrations of The Paper Apartment.

Today is a public holiday in South Africa - I need to work and rest.  Should work more, but when Daniel is at home I feel a bit lazy and enjoy spending time with him.

I am getting ready for I heart Market which is on Saturday - hope to see you there!  I will have my Build-a-Brooch stand as well as my usual stand too.

On a random note:  you can see one of my favourite things - over on the Mr Price blog.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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