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I need one of these laptop bags...the colours are just perfect!

The about section on the Etsy shop reads:

Hi I'm Mairead.

I'm a designer based in Glasgow, but originally come from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

My Gaelic heritage is very important to me, hence the name Breagha, which is Gaelic for beautiful.
Although my traditional roots are quite strong, I also have a love for contemporary design - a combination that is reflected in my work. 

Breagha on Etsy

Last week: Part 3

My birthday invites are sent out - having a small celebration with people that I love.  I found some great  decor items on In Good Company.  I also bought these retro labels - I just liked them!

I am excited for one of my clients - Lollyloves who is hosting a pop up shop at Arts on Main this Sunday.  I think it is going to be really great!

I read about a heart sandwich press on Everything I heart's blog and I am planning to pop out soonest to get one!  When my sister and I were little my mom would use a heart cookie press and it made the sandwiches taste so much better! 

If you live in Durban you really should have tried Livingstons by now!  Celebrated a friend's birthday there and in between forkfuls of Butter Chicken Pot Pie, sips of wine and spoonfuls of creme brulee there was much laughter!

I am looking for a new camera, but I feel quite confused by all the choices.  If you have any tips or want to share...please leave a comment or email me.

Vintage Hankie (I used only the corner):  Pugly Pixel
Checked tape, macaroons & graph paper:  Pugly Pixel
Lined Paper:  Dioma
Party Inspiration: Pure Joy Events via Amy Atlas
Pink & Orange Letter L:  Daily Drop Cap

Some of the resources carried over from yesterday's post:  Read them here.  I hope you have enjoyed these 'Last Week' posts.  I might do them again.

Last week: Part 2

Here is Part 2 to yesterday's post.  There is one more part which I will post tomorrow.

The friend that I had tea with is Giselle from Lavender Beauty.  The Winter sun was so warm and it was amazing to take some time out!

The Durban Bride mentioned is Simone from Scrambled Notes and funnily enough I met her last night at Mooki!

The resource credits read much the same as Part 1 with the addition of the delightful looking peach camera which is from open[sketch]book and the brown paper from Dioma.

{Resources once more...}
Clip art:  The Graphics Fairy
Tape Strips:  Live & Enliven
Velvet Ribbon & Graph Paper:  Pugly Pixel

Last week: Part 1

How was your week...last week that is?  Mine was good and bad all in one.  That is what I like about day a cloudy day and the very next... bright happy sunshine.

This week started off with a very delicious dinner at the new noodle bar in town - Mooki!  It is opposite Corner Cafe and worth a visit.  Daniel and I had a relaxed dinner with Aske Ashe our wonderful  neighbour!

I am working on a new idea which will hopefully develop into something really great to serve all of our craft community. 

Totally loved this blog found via Pugly Pixel's blog:  Here's Looking at me kid.  I particularly liked the post about Amanda's bathroom.  Part of the layout of this post was inspired by this talented blogger.

I really looking forward to watch some films at the Durban International Film Festival.  On my list are:  Midnight in Paris, Black Butterflies and Tree of Life. 

Resources:  for this first part of my 'Last week' post I used
Clip art:  The Graphics Fairy
Tape Strips:  Live & Enliven (beautiful read)
Velvet Ribbon & Graph Paper:  Pugly Pixel
Banner:  Mini toko

Look out tomorrow for:  Part two of last week.


I am truly honoured and so proud to be featured in the July issue of Elle Magazine.  It was amazing to have the Elle team visit our home.  The shoot happened on the same day as the Royal Wedding so in between having my make up done I was also trying to find out who Kate's dress was by...luckily the makeup artist Lisa Bailey was also interested so we kept dashing to the lounge to hear and see the updates.  I think this is the closest I will come to feeling like a princess. 

Thank You

A big thanks to the girls at Vamp Clothing for this pretty pressie they sent me!   Check out their Etsy shop for some beauties!

Durban as Inspiration

Out and about in Glenwood...this is what I saw.  A comfy space to sip hot chocolate in at Exhibit, A cute picture of a hairdryer to advertise a special and pretty glasses lined up (also at Exhibit).

Grainy effect created with Rollip

Twinkling Lights

Two of the coolest boys I know are part of this exhibition at Gallery 415 in Umgeni Road called Our Lives of Deckandence.  Some friends and I had a really fun night...looking at their work and chatting loudly while trying to fit as much information as possible into each conversation.  We drank wine, laughed and admired our city from the top floor of the gallery...twinkling lights and bright, young artists!

What grocery shopping?

Durban folk...have you been to Petits Fours inside the Hyper?  It is a beautiful place to stop for tea and cake and if you stay a while and enjoy all the delicious things they have on offer you might even forget that you need to get back to your boring grocery shopping.  Daniel and I shared an amazing piece of red velvet cake while I snapped pictures of everything I saw.  They have some really pretty and different gifts / home ware for sale too.  Do visit them the next time you need to stock up on monthly is bound to add a little Parisian chic to your day.

Petits Fours
Shop 15 Hper by the Sea
031 563 3278

Happy Birthday Ruby

A special birthday wish for a friend who is faraway!


I am surrounded by boxes and I have even more to fill with my, accessories, books, enough buttons to build a small fort...a never ending list of things I love that we need to move to our new home.  For the past two years Daniel and I have lived in Cleo was our first home together and Daniel proposed to me here.  Tonight is our last night here at Cleo and as I write this post I am waiting for a dear friend who has offered to make us dinner and join us in saying goodbye to a very special flat.  I know I am more sentimental (and silly) than most, but I get attached to places.  

With a slight tear in my eye and a huge smile on my face I step over the threshold of our new home...more space, a new beginning, memories to be made...goodbye Cleo.

The photo is of the view from Cleo...each day a different sunset.

Here & There

I am currently blogging from the Homegrown Fair and thought I would share these photos with you.  The first two are of my ribbon brooches at The Fringe Arts in Cape Town.  You can spot them on the wall just above the shelf.  The other two is of my stand in the Homegrown Fair.  Spot the giant corsage and a couple of other details.  The final photo is of the envelope (& contents) that all my invited guests received.  Thanks to all of you who have stopped by.  One day left to go!

The Fringe Art Photos are from One Small Seed & iwantthat
Cupcake Couture Photos from Cherish

happy weekend

Sending you wishes for a happy weekend!  We have two days left of the Homegrown Fair...time flies!  Next week we are moving homes.  I am not looking forward to packing, but I am looking forward to unpacking all our belongings into our new space.

Images:  Leah Duncan & The Purl Bee both via Charlotte's Fancy.

P.S:  Giveaway winner will be up on Monday.

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