Market Fun

31 January 2012

So much market fun to look forward to this week!

My Package: The Package Project 2011

27 January 2012

I received my beautifully wrapped and excitng package from my partner - Jodie (Whiskars Lane) at the end of last year and it was such a joy!  I will share what was inside next week.  Jodie just took part in Finders Keepers in Australia - another must attend on my long list!  Visit her blog to see some of her creations (and her cute kitty).

Happy weekend and thank you for your kind words on the new look of the blog.

New Look

25 January 2012

I played around with the blog yesterday and edited a couple of things - I hope you like the new look?  I also introduced some sunny yellow and you can now also see links to my tumblr, pinterest etc... on the left.

I love editing the look and hopefully making it easier to find things and links.  Am I missing something or would you like to see more of certain posts?  Leave me a comment as I would love to hear your thoughts.

I am also running a blog banner special - instead of a full makeover, perhaps just get a new banner.  Email me for details.

Thanks a lot!

23 January 2012

The Package Project got a mention in House & Leisure's 'People to Watch' list on their site!  A proud moment! Check out the rest of the list here.

Alt Design Summit: A Big Dream

20 January 2012

Alt Summit kicked off yesterday and how I wish with all my heart that I could be there.  The summit is hosted annually in Salt Lake City and the most fabulous bloggers attend to share their knowledge, guest speak and mingle!  The topics range from successful collaborations to blog ethics and kind of subject matter.

If you love design, blogging and social media then I advise you to check it all out on their site!
About  Alt
The Schedule
Alt Blog
HGTV's Live blog from the summit

Some fabulous bloggers in attendance (and my personal favourites):
Danni from oh hello friend
Ez from Creature Comforts
Grace from Design Sponge
Bri from DesignLoveFest
Victoria from sfgirlbybay
Rena Tom

Last year another favourite Katrina from Pugly Pixel was named as an Up & Coming Blogs.  See the full list here.

Floating Man via Bri from Low Commitment Projects. // DIY business cards made to handout at Alt. by Danni.

// Some summit outfit choices from Danni & Ez...tough to decide what to wear! //

Read more... Danni opened a discussion on blogging etiquette on her blog (she is speaking on this subject at the summit).  Some great ideas / thoughts & views via the comments.

// Off to Alt. they go - Snippet & Ink  & Inchmark //

// New business cards for Making it Lovely (essential for mingling) // Bon Jour! - The Girls with the Glasses //

// Lastly I share my dream outfit with you - if I was attending the Diner en Blanc at Alt. Summit. //
The Details...
We're taking inspiration from the French and planning a "Diner en Blanc". We think it sounds perfectly appropriate for a frosty winter night. Be sure to pack some white attire so we can all make quite the scene.

So...just short of building a rowing boat and setting sail myself...I have added Alt. Summit to my ultimate goal list!  Hey...who knows I might just make it - speak to me piggy bank!

Wedding Boutonnieres

18 January 2012

When I am designing and making wedding boutonnieres or corsages I try to envision the couple's wedding day and when I see the photos of their day I always feel so happy for them...true love is such a blissful feeling!  Candice & Lyle got married late last year and I was lucky enough to contribute to what looked like a day full of LOVE!  Photos by Love Made Visible.

Tried & Tested: Paper Pastries

16 January 2012

I hope you had a really wonderful weekend!

A dear friend recently moved to Los Angeles and I wanted to send a little gift to her new address so that upon arrival she would be welcomed by something special.  I need not tell you all about my insane love for stationery and this friend shares this weird and wonderful trait with me!  I decided to order something from Paper Pastries and despite the fact that it was really difficult to pick just a couple of things...I was really pleased with my selection of a personalised notebook and some Le Pens to get her new stationery collection started!  Letter lovers this online shop is a must visit!

Paper Pastries:

Featured: Vanilla House

12 January 2012

Vanilla House is a delightful shop in Durban's Florida Road that stocks beautiful flowers and gifts that compete with the blooms in their perfection!  Gabriela runs this shop which is a must visit.  I chatted to her to find out more about the space and products...

VanillaHouse has been on Florida for as long as I can remember...what is some of the history behind the business?

Yes! Vanilla House has been on Florida road for a long time, almost 10 years. The previous owner had a huge reputation regarding her good eye for new gift trends and one off pieces. During May last year, after almost 10 years of trading she decided it was time for her to retire, and enjoy her grandkids. That was when I came onto scene, at that time I was working for Fresh Flowers International which is next door to Vanilla House and realized that the back section of the shop wasn’t being used at its maximum potential. So I decided to take over Vanilla House and bring it inside Fresh Flowers and join them both.

How have you changed the shop and products by opening the ‘new’ Vanilla House?

We wanted to create a perfect space for our customers to find that special gift, and also make their shopping experience very pleasant. All our products changed as I became the new buyer, and we gave the shop a fresher and younger look.

What is your favourite product in the store at the moment? 

Oh...our products are constantly changing, but right now I would say that my favourite is a pair of white porcelain antelope horns.

I think most creatives dream of running their own shop space...what is your average day like?

As I get to the shop I put the music on and light some candles, then I am ready to start my day. I always have a look around the shop, to see what has been selling, or to see which section needs a lift or a change. Every now and again I change the windows, or bring down some pieces that are on a top shelf. This is done when I’m free which thankfully is not that often, besides that I’m talking to customers, listening to their gift needs, wrapping, doing the books, and all that not so fun admin stuff.

What do you enjoy most about the process of picking products for the shop?

That is definitely the best part of it all! I love sourcing new suppliers, looking to some inspiration in magazines and on blogs. The trade shows are mind boggling and very tiring but I still enjoy visiting them. When I see a piece or product the first thing I think is if I would like to be given it, then if I was buying it who would I give it to, if I succeed on those answers that piece is definitely going to the shop. 

Gabi is being super sweet and is giving away this cute hippo note holder!  Mmm...think I need her for my desk!

To win you need to like the Vanilla House Facebook page or you can become a follower of the Vanilla House blog.  Please mention which you did by leaving a comment on this post.  This giveaway is open to anyone.
Entries close 20th January.
Happy winning!

The 12 months of 2011: Part 1

10 January 2012

These are a few of my highlights from 2011:

1 - January: 
A Penguin Party - Casey a very dear friend hosted one of the best birthday parties I have attended!  It was a brilliant start to the year!  (Photo taken by Lauren)

2 -  February:
A trip to Jozi and Pretoria.  I finally got to visit Wolves and indulge in a HUGE piece of red velvet cake!

3 - March:
Goodbye Mr Price and hello to living the Cupcake Couture life full time!  I resigned as Junior Ladies Footwear Buyer and dived into a new adventure...and I haven't looked back since.

4 - April:
I launched Build a Brooch at I heart Market.  It was also really great to be featured in Marie Claire - the start of a fabulous year for Cupcake Couture press.

5 - May:
I received a gigantic corsage order from East Coast Radio which also had to be complete in record time.  It was a challenge, but it helped me realise that with the support of my dear family all is possible.

6 - June:
Cupcake Couture's wedding corsages / boutonnieres really started taking off as the groomsmen accessory du jour (Photo by Julie Patrick).  Wakaberry also landed in Durban and added some sprinkles to our days!

What I Wore

03 January 2012

At the second to last I heart Market of 2011 - Tyrone Bradley snapped me for ITSWHATIMINTO.  Thought I would share my outfit with you.

Hat:  The Space
Sunglasses:  Mr Price
Top:  Mr Price
Skirt:  Vintage Lover
Gold Cardi:  Vintage from my mom's wardrobe
Belt:  Vintage
Brooch:  A Cupcake Couture creation...of course
Pumps:  Mr Price

Angie from Lucky Pony actually did a interview with me for the site too.  Click here to read my answers to her fun questions.