I know you agree...

This week I might as well have told you on Monday that I don't have a lot of time to post, but as usual I thought that I could do it all!  I know I am not alone in needing more time (lots more) and despite the fact that I juggle everything, I always fall just short of the elusive 'doing it all'.  I wish I could say that I scheduled all my posts and that my to list was all done, but alas that is not true.  It isn't that I don't know what needs doing, but rather that I just can't find enough hours in which to do them, whilst still having fun (occasionally), sleeping, spending time with my husband and remembering that life needs to be lived not listed.

I know I am not alone so I feel no shame in confessing that I don't have much time to do pretty posts this week along with the planned ones on my list!

I would love to hear what you do to manage all you to do's...share please!

* Beautiful vintage clock from gizmo & hooha.

July Markets

New week, new to do list and almost a new month...add these two wonderful markets to your diary.  July kicks off with Wonder Market and I am fortunate enough to be an invited stall holder so I will be selling there this coming Sunday.

I won't be selling at I heart Market in July as I have an important deadline that week so no prep time.  I do know though that the usual favourites will be there - so happy shopping.

For the winner of the Lulu Yesteryear redeemed giveaway - see the end of the post.

Sneak Peak

I love this photo and I love that clock...it is exactly the one I need for my collection!  This is a sneak peak of some wedding decor for an amazing wedding that I was lucky enough to contribute to.  I assisted Sarah with pinwheels, brooches, gifts for all the ladies attending the wedding and a few other things too.  I can't wait to see all the photos from this beautiful day and as soon as I do I will be sure to share them with you.
Photo by Pickle Photography.  You can see a couple more photos on the site.

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to enter the current giveaway as it closes on Sunday.

Kim & the Swan

Kim Longhurst wants to snoop around your house (she said it - not me).  She is running a very cool giveaway on her blog The Painted Blackbird.  You need to send her a photo of some of her work in your home and the prize for the winner is a print from her range.  I couldn't resist sharing my space with you and with Kim, but unfortunately I couldn't get a great snap as there is a big window facing the shelves so the light is very tricky.  None the less here is Kim's work in our lounge along with a swan ornament from iKhaya and some other prints.

Featured: Lulu Yesteryear Redeemed

If you look back at my Sponsor Welcome post you will see that I mentioned some giveaways and today I am happy to announce the first one for the month!

Irene from Lulu Yesteryear Redeemed is one of my friends from I heart Market and I always love to chat about the items on her table and as her name suggests she redeems items from yesteryear!   All who meet Irene will know that she is a warm and positive!  She loves blogging, taking creative photos, sharing her knowledge and learning from others.  Read more about her business, work and her own treasured items and don't forget to visit her blog for to find a little piece of your own.

You must find some wonderful and interesting pieces all the time - how do you pick what to keep and what to sell?
I do come across some wonderful pieces, but I keep very few of them as I have so many already.  This is the reason why I created my blog.  I can still enjoy finding pieces but other folks can now appreciate them.

Do you collect anything?
I do have a collection of brooches which I have been wearing since I was 20 years old. Instead of them being tucked away in my cupboard I display them on a lampshade in my lounge.  This way they can be admired by all when I am not wearing them!  I also have a small collection of tiny Scotty dogs which I have collected during the past year.

What are some tips for people who love vintage shopping and thrifting - what can they look out for on pieces like hallmarks, stamps or condition?
Firstly, I am always on the look out for items anywhere and everywhere.  You never know where you might find a treasure.  My priority is not the value of an item;  rather I look out for something with beauty, good design or with a history. I love how an item has aged over the years but it must be in a fairly good condition. The internet is an endless source of information for identifying trademarks or for dating items.

What is your top tip for running your own business?
My top tip is being passionate about what I do and sharing it with others. My age is an advantage as I am usually correct when guessing from which decade an item originates. I only started my blog fourteen months ago so I am experiencing a learning curve and I still have so much more to learn.

What are some of the most interesting pieces or items that you have found and did they have a special story?
I have had so many over the years. The three which come to mind are:

Firstly:  a little silver commemorative cup with 3 handles celebrating the opening of Durban’s second City Hall in April 1910 which means it is over a hundred years old!

Secondly:  three cylindrical brass ladle containers with long handles and labels indicating 2 pints, 1 pint and ½ pint.  I have been told that they were used for measuring milk in a dairy or when delivering milk by cart.

Thirdly:  my 1930’s Scotty dog brooch which has a moving head!

Thanks for sharing with us Irene!

Giveaway Time!
Pink and from yesteryear - two of my favourite things!  You can win this little Pyrex bowl and rose plate.  I would use it to store some of my favourite craft bits and pieces in...what about you?

Pop over to Lulu's Yesteryear Redeemed Facebook Group and like it.
Then leave me a comment - to tell me you have done so.

For an extra entry follow Irene's blog.
Remember to mention which you have done in your comment.

Entries close:  Sunday 24 June
This is a local giveaway (South Africa)

Good luck and thanks to Irene for the sweet prize!

The winner of this giveaway is Wilna Cremer.  Winner chosen using Random.org
For some reason a couple of comments went via Blogger and not Disqus - not sure why.  I did enter those people who commented this way - even if your entries are not showing in the feed.  Thanks so much for entering!

Colour Inspiration

Some colour inspiration for a Friday!  This little corsage is ready for Wintery rain!  Have a cosy weekend!

Seven Things

You know the deal by now - seven things I have seen, done or loved lately - snapped with Instagram (cupcakecouture_).

1 >  Thrifting:  I went on the hunt late last week for a few things and found a knitting pattern magazine for my friend - Giselle.  She recently had a baby and can knit and shares my love for all things vintage.  The little magazine is so cute - can't wait to give it to her.  I also found some embroidery and a little elephant brooch - using these for making more Keepsake pieces.

2 >  A very small bokkie:  Rhenda from iKhaya was sweet enough to give me this little bokkie.  It's the small things that make me happy!

3 >  More from iKhaya:  Amazing pieces in their Windermere Road shop!  

4 > Packing & Wrapping:  I love prepping orders to post off to customers!  I might never meet them, but I love to wrap up the items and write a note so that they know they matter to me!

5 >  Kloof SPCA:  There is a Scrabble installation in one of the trees!  It was so wonderful to see the warm Winter sun shining putting a spotlight on it.

6 >  Little Bear:  My friend Genevieve made a finger puppet from another friend Olivia Villet's illustrations!  How clever and cute!

7 >  Kitty:  Spotted this sweet chap at the SPCA and he came to keep me company!  How adorable! I am so desperate for a pet of my own - insert weepy face!  We are not allowed pets in our block and I am one of those rule follower types so feeling a bit hard done by!  

Why not...

Great words to start the week with via Today in love.

Thank you so much for all of you who stopped by my market table on Saturday as well as last week!  It was great to meet readers and find out who you are!  Another thanks to all the shoppers - I was so overwhelmed and excited at how well my Keepsakes Range was received this past weekend.

I am going to need to take a short break from blogging and will post again later in the week.  Things are a bit busy which is very positive, but it does mean I need to juggle better than a circus performer whilst still remembering to eat, sleep, oh and do more of what makes me happy!

Thanks Frankie & Happy Weekend

The highlight of the week is a mention on the Frankie Magazine blog!  Thanks Frankettes!  

Remember I heart Market will be at Chelsea School tomorrow and I will have a stall!  Hope to see you!  The above corsage will be on my table tomorrow.
> See the poster on the right-hand side of my blog.

Have a wonderful weekend!

A Bespoke Creation

Last year I had the honour of making this beaded bouquet with vintage brooches for a bride.  The initial concept came from Vintage Magpie.  I studied her work and tried to create something unique, yet still respect the bride's requests.  I then chatted to Emma Bakker of Vintage Magpie and told her about my project and she was more than happy that I shared it.  Her work is exceptional, but unfortunately the weak South African exchange rate makes her bespoke creations a little out of our reach.  This order was an awesome challenge as I made something that I had never attempted.  Hours of beading and brooch hunting lead to this...that and of course lots of love and care!

Featured: Sponsor Welcome

A very big welcome to my sponsors for June!  I have the featured platform on my blog in order to promote local business as well as creative / crafty people who are just starting out in business.  I aim to assist them to get exposure and I know you are going to be kind and lovely and support them too!  Whether part time or full time it is a big commitment to take on your own business and anyone willing to take the leap needs our support!  

Let me tell you a little about them...

Two Acres Tearoom:  A beautiful setting and truly delicious food made with love - this is what you will discover if you visit!  Find Two Acres opposite the Shongweni Farmers Market - 1 Country Lane - Assagay.

Happiness Is:  Fathima the creative behind this blog is also really wonderful at designing inspired graphics.  Do you need a logo or or some new business cards?  Get in touch with her.

*Catherine's:  Winter is here and the idea of snuggling up at home sounds very appealing!  Catherine's hand-crafted scarves will keep you warm and cosy even if you have to leave the safety (& warmth) of your bed.

*Mooi:  You know Mooi!  The shop full of South African local talent and vintage treasures.  Visit them at 100 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban.

*Lulu Yesteryear Redeemed:  Vintage, antiques and items long forgotten are rescued and redeemed!  Irene has some great pieces online and her I heart Market stall is a must visit.

Each month I also giveaway a spot to a project I feel deserves it.  This month's space is awarded to Rollin Vintage.  A new shop opened by a creative duo in Howick offering a secure, well run option for crafters to stock their products.

The sponsors marked with a star* will also be giving away a prize this month!  Good news - I say!

Would you like to be featured - email me for rates or are you doing something to serve the handmade / craft community and think you deserve a free spot - if so email me with a link to your blog or site as well as a short motivation on why I should select you.

I love this illustration from Fathima's blog - Happiness Is.


Welcome to the weekend!  I hope that you had an awesome week!  I set out to do a lot of things this week - armed with several lists and another million things running through my mind.  I did achieve quite a few of my goals and it felt really good to tick them off.  The list never ends, but I think that is what keeps me going!

A few things:

I love the illustrations of Parko Polo.  Happy - colourful - perfect!

Adore Magazine:  Read it online and get inspired with their Art Issue.

I heart Market:  Yes... I know I have been harping on, reminding you and and inviting you to say hello, but just another reminder to pop in!

Blogging Workshop:  I am running one on Sunday.  I am sure if you are interested you could still book - click here. The Collective together with VANSA invited me to host it.    

DesignLoveFest:  This post isn't new, but I just read it the other day.  Great branding tips for creative businesses.

New Sponsors:  I am happy to welcome some new sponsors for June.  I will have a little introduction to them on Monday.  

Happy weekend!

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