Camera Love

The August Market is days away and their latest poster is wonderful (as always).  I won't have a stall at the market on Saturday as I have decided to take another month off due to time constraints. I am however, excited to be going to the market - just to enjoy it!  It forms part of my birthday celebrations for the weekend and I can't wait to sit on the grass, eat something amazing and buy beautiful things from my market friends!

The poster did remind me of a few of my favourite creative camera items:

A cool desktop /iPad wallpaper from DesignLoveFest.  Download it here.


I am getting ready to celebrate my birthday soon and my mind is consumed with the fun that goes hand in hand with celebrations, happy times and parties.  

Sparklers:  They remind me of childhood birthdays, excitement and the joy of birthdays.  I plan to light a few and marvel as they frazzle!

Macaroons:  I will definitely be ordering a batch from Daniela's. 

Balloons:  Bright colours tied with string!

Flowers:  Nothing like a vase to brighten any day of the year!

Confetti:  Sprinkled all over.

Sequins:  Sparkly and pretty.

Now back to work...until next week when I am actually allowed to celebrate.

Beauty Products: Tried & Tested

I have been feeling the need to pamper myself more and reading blogs like Style Scoop, Kiss Blush and Tell as well as PlayPlay Creations has inspired me to invest in new beauty items as well as share some essentials with you.

1 >  Benefit's Bum Deal:  This is an exfoliator which works well all over your body.  No excuse for dry wintry skin!  I did read on Kiss Blush and Tell that Benefit will be leaving South Africa so quick... stock up!

2 >  Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara:  Cheap and cheerful in every way!  Essence is a skincare and makeup brand that can be found at Dischem and Clicks.  Their prices mean that you can stock up on a whole range of items to update your makeup bag.  The majority of their products are made in Europe and not tested on animals!  Their nail polish is long lasting and fast drying too.

3 >  Batiste Dry Shampoo:  It helps to keep hair looking fresh and smelling great.  Let's be honest - the I have to stay home and  wash my hair excuse just doesn't cut it anymore.

4 > Lucas' Papaw Ointment:  This is the only product that I didn't buy locally.  I first got introduced to it in 2004 on a trip to Australia and swear by it.  I seem to think I am a domestic goddess until I burn myself making something super easy and this takes that nasty sting away.  I am yet to find a local stockist of this miracle product.

5 >  NYX Super Fat Marker:  Dramatic...yet easy to apply.  It works like a marker with the look of liquid liner, but blends easily if need be.  Candice from PlayPlay Creations introduced me to this brand, available at the bigger Clicks stores.

6 >  Crabtree and Evelyn's Jojoba Oil Lip Balm:  I have been using this for years and I never go without it.  It keeps lips kissable!

What are your favourite beauty products and what should I add to my 'essentials list'?

Seven Things

I almost created a fourteen things post, but then thought why break the seven things tradition.  So, here is only seven things I have been doing, making and enjoying taken with Instagram.

1 >  Skinny Laminx Cushions:  I spotted these at the House & Garden show.  It would be lovely to have a garden nook – somewhere to sit and read.

2 >  Mooi’s Lemonade:  Fiona from Mooi has created a new market stall and I tasted her wares at the Homegrown Fair.  Delicious and very lemony.  They will be at various markets around Durban.

3 >  Team Effort:  I made this corsage for a soon to be groom and collaborated with Genevieve Motley to create it.  

4 >  New Shoes:  These Miu Miu inspired kitty flats are my new favourites!  So comfortable and cute too.  If I can’t actually own a kitty (no pets allowed) I sure can wear kitty inspired attire!

5 >  Swan:  Pink, stationery, pretty, interesting and from Kim Longhurst…all things that make me very happy!  I bought this at the Homegrown Fair from Kim and Rhenda’s Frozen Charlotte pop up shop.

6 >  New Ribbon:  Ebony & Ivory stock the most beautiful ribbon.  Need to get creating for the August I heart Market with these new shades.

7 >  Giddy Up:  I created this corsage for a very fashionable Durban July race goer who wore a dress made from Skinny Laminx fabric.  The dress was 50’s inspired and the corsage clip was perfect for some race day fun!

Grazia, Mr Price & a dream...

I could not believe my luck when Mr Price asked me to style a shoot for the launch issue of the South African Grazia dream come true!  The catch was - I would be wearing the outfits!  Grazia was my tube ride read when I lived in London, a favourite to pass the many stops between home and work.  Excitement, nerves, giddy joy and then the realisation of WHAT WILL I WEAR, will they like my ideas and....and...and...?  It isn't everyday that you need to pack up your wardrobe and present them to a fashion director.  Needless to say every bauble, bead, brooch and jewel I own and about a gazillion pairs of shoes were all packed into my trusty wheelie case.

The shoot started off at Spiga in Florida Road, where I met the team - Kirsty Stoltz, Aubrey Jonsson, Adelle Jung and the Mr Price Stylist, Siphakeme Ndlovu.  They were all really kind, accommodating and made me feel super comfortable or at least as comfortable as you can...trotting down the road dressed like a blast from the past!  The outfits were Mr Price pieces punctuated by my vintage collection - and yes I would really wear these outfits.

The second stop was the beautiful heritage building - Surrey Mansions in Currie Road.  This is where the fun started or should I stay - slight 'ridiculousness'.  Hair styling and makeup touch ups at the side of the road and a few odd glances from passers by was only part of the adventure!

Thank you Mr Price and Grazia for this truly once in a lifetime experience!  You made this gal's year!

Having Fun: The Essentials

I don't often blog about my non-craft escapades.  I wasn't sure if you were interested!  Oh well - here goes... In an attempt to prove that I do have friends either than my glue gun, buttons and computer I thought I would share that I love dancing like a maniac, singing along to my favourite songs and if ever I remembered why it was a good idea to go out - it was last weekend.  I braved the Durban July and I don't regret a minute of it, but I had some 'fun essentials' that made my day!

#1  Beautiful People & Good Conversation:  Call me bias, but I think this bunch fit the bill!

#2  Big Smiles:  The bigger and cheesier the better!

#3  A few drinks:  Perhaps you prefer fine wine, but I quite like a pink drink...a Comso a la Carrie will do just fine!

#4  Amazing friends:  A bunch of friends who will dance to almost every song and won't for a minute mind how much you complain about your sore feet.  Instead, they will tell you just how lovely your shoes look and drag you back to the dance floor for round two.  Oh, and they will visit the paramedics with you to get plasters (yip this actually happened - super classy).  Said friends will also come in handy in years to come when you want to reminisce about the good ol days.

Other essentials:
Gold streamers:  They shot these from the side of the stage and it looked so beautiful!  I think I need this at every party I go to.  How do I arrange this?
A Steers burger:  Great end to a night out and it will stop you feeling like Hank Moody the next day.
A day off:  The best thing is knowing you don't need to work the next day!
Plans for another night out:  Get planning on your next show stopper of an eve asap!

Happy weekend - off you go...

Cake & Photos!

Lauren and I love working with local creatives so we’ve put together 
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Join us for a morning of tea, cupcakes and picture-snapping! 
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Locket & Weekend

I made this locket necklace last week for my Wonder Market stall.  The beaded part is vintage as well as the purple flower.  The inside has vintage embroidery as a little extra to add something special.

Monday is here and I want to make sure this week is super productive!  No pressure or anything.  I had a really fun weekend and lived life instead of listed as I mentioned in my time post.  What do you have planned this week and did you have a great weekend?

Creative Blog Posts

Today’s post has been sitting in my mind for a while.  I like to create visually interesting posts when I have the time and I thought I would share some of my favourite layouts with you.   I would also like to provide you with some guidance and inspiration for creating your own creative posts.

I keep a folder of images – called ‘Graphic Inspiration’ and as I read various blogs I often save images to this folder for when I need a bit of colour or layout inspiration or influence.  The below images are some of those posts from blogs I like to gaze through regularly.  

My consulting work often sees me studying layouts and leaving comments commending the post layout and not the actual post topic – hilarious!  As you grow as a blogger you will feel an urge to grow your blogging skills and regardless of whether you start in a simply way or if you are a Photoshop veteran – keep it personal and suited to your topics, current colours or inspiration and have fun (my usual advice).

A couple of things to keep in mind for creating creative posts and layouts:

Time:  How much time do you have to spend on the post?  If you have a good amount of time set aside then get creative, but if not then perhaps leave the design heavy posting for another day.

Skill Level:  What is your skill level?  Are you a Photoshop magician – well then you don’t need this post.  If not – look out for tutorials and be open to learning to create new things.  I often look back at old posts and cringe a little – I started blogging before I learnt anything about design, but I didn’t let it deter me at the time.  Your skills will develop, but don’t use that as an excuse to not explore or try.  Connect with fellow bloggers and discuss useful tips or get a few lessons.  

Find your Style:  Every blogger should try to discover his or her own personal style.  Reading successful blogs is a great and legitimate way to get motivated to create better posts, but don’t copy posts font by font or shape by shape.  Analyse why you like a post – is it the colours, the layout, the shapes or the content?  As you learn to dissect what you like so your style will develop and improve.  Don’t try to take on a style that feels unnatural to you regardless of whether you admire a certain bloggers style or not.  For example I love Ana from BlogMilk’s posts, but she has a very defined and linear style which I love, but I can’t mirror.  The same goes for the successful South African blog – Miss Moss.  Her content for example is visually strong and interesting and although I pour over the images, my personal blogging style is not the same as her’s and that’s okay.  I have mentioned this in a previous post, but try to not compare yourself – be content in your style and what comes naturally to you, both in design and topics.

Have fun:  Yip – that’s right!  All this blogging stuff can get very serious and schedules, original content, could end up losing sight of why you blog and stop enjoying it due to the pressures that accompany it.  Be creative, explore new things and take pleasure in posting.

My few favourites:  creative aspirations

*Remember:  Magazines are a great source of inspiration too - they do layouts for a living.

As always Katrina from Pugly Pixel is spot on - she has a lovely tutorial up about creating a Photoshop collage.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for new creative posts!

Seven Things

Seven things I have been up to via Instagram.

1 >  Dinner with Friends:  There is nothing like a mid-week dinner break - chatting, laughing and good food.

2 >  Boutonnieres:  I have been working on some new variations.  This yellow one includes some vintage elements and buttons.

3 >  Wanderlust Package:  Totally in love with a new bunch of things I bought recently from ohhellofriend's shop.

4 >  Pin Board:  Lots of random little charms and buttons on my pin board in my office.

5 >  Wrapping Packages:  Always love doing this!  

6 >  Winter Sun:  Rare time to sit in our sun room - reading.  The books are all from our wedding decor and work well on the wide windowsills in this room.

7 >  The Food Market:  I went to the market on Saturday and stocked up on fresh and delicious items!

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