A Wish from Me to You

A Sparkly Thank You...
Just a quick message from me to you to wish you a very merry Christmas and of course happy holidays and New Year! 2013 has been wonderful and challenging - I couldn't have done it without a few very special people and of course my clients. A huge thanks goes out to Claire, my intern who is worth her weight in gold - she designed this lovely message for me to share on the blog. Thank you to all of you for reading, your comments and support makes this journey worthwhile. Have a fantastic break! Sending *sparkly sprinkles and confetti* your way!

Posts will be back on the 7th of January!

Pretty Things via Instagram

What are these posts all about?
These new posts are for the festive season and holidays so that I can share pretty things with you, but also share content that is easy to create in order to take a bit of a break. I'm sure you don't mind. The theme of these posts is to share beautiful businesses or blogs that I have discovered via Instagram. I'm not sharing their snaps with you, but rather a few pictures of what they do. I hope you enjoy these and find new blogs and interesting people to follow. Thank goodness for Instagram as it has opened me up to people and topics that I might never previously have stumbled upon.

Rehana's Realm is today's discovery. She's an English girl living in Japan and shares my love for snail mail. On her blog she showcases her outgoing and incoming mail. You can visit her blog here or follow her on Instagram for more lovely updates.

Pip Studio's Christmas Competition

The lovely Pip Studio is running a very fun and interesting Christmas competition and I can't wait to enter. Here are all the details directly from them:

"We would love to see your most strikingly wrapped present(s) this Christmas! 
The most original entry wins a Pip surprise package! Send a picture of your nicest wrapped gift(s) to pip@pipstudio.com. Follow the campaign on our Facebook page!

Please include your name, city and country. This promotional campaign is a worldwide offer and we will automatically contact the winner.

You can submit your entry until 6 January 2014 (inclusive). Good luck and enjoy it!"


Your Neighbourhood Gift Shop
I know that Marigold in Cape Town is no secret, but I popped in there last week and was so amazed with the beautiful selection and friendly service. My friend and I visited the shop to buy a last minute gift and we found one really quickly - we picked a set of Rifle Co notebooks which they wrapped with wonderful care and flair! I couldn't help, but snap a few photos with my iPad to share with you. The shop is a must-visit for colourful gifts and a curated collection of local and international items and stationery.

Visit Marigold on Facebook / 21 de Lorentz Street, Cape Town (near Kloof Street)

Pretty Things via Instagram

What are these posts all about?
These new posts are for the festive season and holidays so that I can share pretty things with you, but also share content that is easy to create in order to take a bit of a break. I'm sure you don't mind. The theme of these posts is to share beautiful businesses or blogs that I have discovered via Instagram. I'm not sharing their snaps with you, but rather a few pictures of what they do. I hope you enjoy these and find new blogs and interesting people to follow. Thank goodness for Instagram as it has opened me up to people and topics that I might never previously have stumbled upon.

The Paper Bunny is a delightful discovery as I am sure you will agree! In their words - this is what they do...

"The Paper Bunny is a Singapore-based purveyor of carefully crafted prints and gifts that reflect a style that is playful and fun-loving, yet sophisticated and practical. Comprising of two distinct yet harmonious parts, The Paper Bunny offers custom designing services for weddings, party and event stationery, as well as a delightful range of products designed in-house and for sale in our shop."
Enjoy visiting their site and Instagram.

Pretty Things via Instagram

What are these posts all about?
These new posts are for the festive season and holidays so that I can share pretty things with you, but also share content that is easy to create in order to take a bit of a break. I'm sure you don't mind. The theme of these posts is to share beautiful businesses or blogs that I have discovered via Instagram. I'm not sharing their snaps with you, but rather a few pictures of what they do. I hope you enjoy these and find new blogs and interesting people to follow. Thank goodness for Instagram as it has opened me up to people and topics that I might never previously have stumbled upon.

I discovered this concept via Renegade Craft Fair's Instagram. How awesome is it! It's the work of Gift Wrap HQ and The Compartment Store. There isn't  great deal of info about it, but to me it looks like a portable little shop filled with stationery. I think it's wonderful and I wish I could dig in. You can take a look at the two featured businesses here and here.

Pretty Things via Instagram

What are these posts all about?
These new posts are for the festive season and holidays so that I can share pretty things with you, but also share content that is easy to create in order to take a bit of a break. I'm sure you don't mind. The theme of these posts is to share beautiful businesses or blogs that I have discovered via Instagram. I'm not sharing their snaps with you, but rather a few pictures of what they do. I hope you enjoy these and find new blogs and interesting people to follow. Thank goodness for Instagram as it has opened me up to people and topics that I might never previously have stumbled upon.

The Diary Sketches is up first. I discovered this lovely creatives work by chance as someone commented and mentioned her. I am now a firm follower and look forward to her daily updates. See her business here.

Hello Cape Town

I wanted to pop in and say that I am leaving for Cape Town tomorrow and will literally be there for a month, its like a short-term move. Goodness me and may I remind you the luggage limit is only 20kg! I will be there for a variety of reasons with the main two being the wedding of a best friend and to spend the festive season with Daniel's family. I also have work to take care of while there which includes the Cape Town Consulting sessions that I advertised last month, but in general I hope to also relax. Some people might think a month away from home is excessive, but we thought lets really make the trip worth our while as we haven't been away together for over a year.

It's been a wonderful year - one of my best to date, but also a very busy year so I'm looking forward to a little break... I envision a deck chair near a pool and a cocktail would be nice too! I have some posts planned, but I hope you will understand that things will be quite so that I can recoup and come back sparkling and ready for a truly fabulous 2014! During this time - I hope to share some personal Instagrams (not only packages) so follow along with my holiday there if you like. For now - sending lots of love!

Today's pretty picture is courtesy of Alphabet Bags. It's such a clever, yet simple brand. Take a look at their site to see more.

Kitschy Digitals

Meet Free Mondays will be back next year as I am prepping for my trip, plus working round the clock to finish various projects. For the rest of the year - I will just share pretty posts with you and get back to themes early next year. In the meantime enjoy this...

I discovered Kitschy Digitals via the blog Thompson Family, which I have been reading for years. Danielle and her quirky family have such a wonderful retro style. She contributes to the Kitschy Digitals site and you can see her clear style reflected in the various designed items. I wanted to share the site with you as there are lovely projects which are really affordable, plus there is a freebies section too. Another great feature is the holiday gift guide which offers ideas for crafty souls.

There are a few things that are clearly designed for children, but goodness me I love them. For example the 70s Supermarket Play Shop Box Printables - this is what my childhood dreams were made of (when playing shop shop was a fun activtiy as opposed to an expensive one). The Happy Mail kits for kids are also so cool and novel. Take a look at how Danielle created the kit for her son. My favourite freebie is the business card sized love notes - so cute and novel. Photographers - you will love these. Okay... I can go on and on, so I am rather going to say go and take a look yourself.

I did buy something off the site and the check out was easy and secure. I used Paypal which is linked to my local bank account. The order was also really cheap at about R35.

KAMERS Irene 24hour Ticket Giveaway: GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Hurry, Hurry & Enter
It's almost time for KAMERS Irene - which kicks off next week. I am giving away five sets of double tickets for the Irene KAMERS. You have 24 hours to enter this flash giveaway! Entries will close tomorrow!
  • Share this flash giveaway on social media. Remember to @ me and KAMERS.
  • Leave a comment to tell me you have entered. Please include your name & surname in the comment.
  • Giveaway closes tomorrow at 1pm.
  • This is a local giveaway. Please only enter if you can get to KAMERS in Irene.
Mlisska Hubert
Carene Wessels
Maryna du Toit 
Huibri Schalkwyk

A few details specifically for KAMERS Irene:
  • Click here for direction details.
  • KAMERS is returning to the innovative and creative hub that is Open Window School for the third time. This beautiful venue is the perfect setting for KAMERS.
  • On Friday 6 December, KAMERS will be open until 20:00 and will have fantastic live music by great artists Anna Davel and The Empty Box Jazz Band. The music alone would be well worth your visit and ticket, so this is another reason not to miss KAMERS.
  • Tickets are available at Computicket or at the entrance.
  • KAMERS will be returning to Gauteng early in 2014, with the first KAMERS Johannesburg event. It will be an Easter show with a strong focus on food wine, coffee and music, 18-21 April 2014 at The Forum Campus, Bryanston.

Christmas with Ebony & Ivory

Ebony & Ivory Gets Festive
Ebony and Ivory in Cape Town is one of my favourite South African ribbon and creative shops. They recently shared a few of their festive photos with me - captured by The Paper Camera. Aren't they elegantly beautiful? Gold and a hint of vintage are paired together perfectly. I especially love the small touches like the glitter dipped feathers. It's the perfect time to get ready for Christmas and wrapping so visit their site and stock up. I hope you feel as inspired as I do. 

A Few Wonderful Events

Christmas Shopping Made Easy
There is so much on the go this season with markets, events and open days almost every day! That's quite exciting. My inbox has been overflowing with invites and I wanted to share a few with you. All details are listed on the flyer or poster so you can get in touch with the organisers to find out any exact details. I really wish I could be at the In Good Company book launch, but I only get to Cape Town two days later. Don't forget that I heart Market, Wonder MarketMarket at the Square and a whole host of other markets are on too. You have no excuses to not shop local this festive season.

Meet Free Monday #4

An Out and About Day
You might have thought that I'd deserted you - no posts all of last week! Well... you see I had some internet trouble while I was away. My Cell C dongle for my laptop worked each day for about 2 minutes and then it would just give up (thanks Cell C). It was so frustrating and it also meant that I had to spend quite a bit of time in coffee shops or walking around with laptop to get the elusive 'better signal'. I am back in the office today, which means wonderful, brilliant and continuous internet! Just in time to deal with a huge pile of overdue work!

Today is truly meeting free as I work on replying to emails and getting all back in order. I also wanted to share a few snippets of last week's workshops with you. I am waiting for the professional photos taken by the lovely Mariaan of M.Studio. I also went to In Good Company for the first time last week, which was such a highlight. How cute is the little cat dish from Feral Goods? It was a giveaway prize.

Things I am excited about this week:
Being at home and in my office. It's lovely to be away, but good to come back to some routine and structure. 

What will challenge me this week?
Like always I am swamped with work and I only have ten days until I leave Durban  for Cape Town. It's crunch time!

Personal Things:
It's Daniel and my three year wedding anniversary this week. Time flies! I also have several things to get ready for a close friend's kitchen tea.

The week at a glance:
Yikes! I am trying to just deal with the most important task and then move onto the next. I have blog lessons to do this week along with one on one consulting sessions too. I need to finish working on a few blogs for clients and also tame my inbox. I look forward to getting through it all so I can leave a bit of the pressure behind.

I hope you have a great week ahead!

Meet Free Monday with a Twist

How was your weekend? It's Meet Free Monday time, but to be honest today is a Monday with a twist! Tomorrow is the first Joburg Creative Business Workshop so today I am going through the final prep to ensure everything is perfect. So far I made a very successful trip to Typo for a few additional supplies. I am now clocking a few 'office hours' and then I am off to the venue, In Good Company and finally the florist. It's an exciting and busy day. To make up for the fact that I am not keeping today meeting free - I thought I would share a few snippets of this past weekend instead. I am using my iPad to snap all my pictures - I know they're not the best, but they still share my trip with you.
I had a weekend of fun, mixed in with some work of course. On Saturday my friend, who I am staying with made me this beautiful breakfast! We then headed off to the Neighbourgoods Market which I haven't been to before. I really loved Skermunkil's stand and we also popped into Father which was ever so cool! After that we headed off to 44 Stanley (another place I haven't been to) and we stopped for a delicious lunch. The perfect Joburg day if ever there was one.

Remember to enter the Shanti Decor giveaway as it ends this week.
There are also three places left for this week's workshops - I would love to fill them. View all details here or email me.

Have a wonderful week! 

Hello There

I am checking in from Joburg, I arrived yesterday. So far so good! I am currently at Wolves Cafe having a lovely lunch. It was off their Good Luck Club menu - Prawn and Avo Springrolls and some Edamame on the side. The delicous Wolves lemonade served in a Consol jar adds some charm and I will definately have a slice of cake just now. 

The picture above is of a few small packages I mailed off earlier this week. I have met some lovely penpals via Instragram - it's like online dating for package nerds. By now you know I really love wrapping and it offers the perfect escape after work. I keep it strictly to evenings when the major stuff is out the way. Anyway... I am off to eat that slice of cake! Have a lovely weekend!

Shanti Decor Giveaway & Inspiration: GIVEAWAY CLOSED

There is a strong influence of Indian decor, paired with a slight Moroccan influence that is being added to interiors the world over. Rich textures, bold colours and a focus on luxury relaxation are a few of the key elements. Bloggers like Bri from DesignLoveFest have found the perfect balance between retro inspiration and subtly placed pieces. Many more examples can be seen not only on Pinterest, but in books like Design Sponge at Home too. This Indian influence hints towards a faraway escape and an exotic land, filled with adventure. What stands out most is the idea of carefully hand-picking items to add a personal touch rather than an OTT approach. Today I want to share my favourite decor inspiration which shows these elements and influence in action, whilst at the same time introducing you to Shanti Decor in order to create the look for yourself. I do so love spoiling you and I have paired up with Shanti Decor to host a giveaway to get you started on your new decor adventure. The hero items of this look are most certainly the throw, pouf and cushions.

The Throw
Ideally used to add texture to a couch, bed or even used as a decorative wall hanging. The throw adds a wonderful, tactile feel that will create an instant atmosphere. My ideal pick from Shanti Decor is this vibrant blue throw - which also happens to be on sale, it must be a sign!
The Pouf
The second hero item is the pouf. It adds comfort and a unique touch to any room. My favourite use of this piece is in the living room of Bri Emery. This unusual style pairing includes retro furniture pieces and greenery. The bright and interesting Yellow Patchwork and Embroidery pouf is the ideal way to add this interesting style feature.

Last, but most certainly not least are cushions. Cushions are the finishing touch for any interior space and add an accent of style. They offer comfort, but in a luxurious way. Scatter them on a couch or use them for an Indian themed dinner and arrange them on the floor or on a bench. These two cushions are beautifully suited to creating this look.
The cream with bright embroidery cushion and the beige cushion with embroidery and mirror detail are also the giveaway prizes. Fancy that! Nikki from Shanti Decor is giving away two of each cushion cover.

  • Please follow Shanti Decor on Twitter and / or Facebook.
  • Leave a comment letting us know that you have followed the brand.
  • For an extra entry share the giveaway online - either on your blog or social media - please mention if you have done so in your comment.

This is a local (South African) giveaway and entries close on Wednesday the 20th November.

Good luck and thanks for entering!

Image Credits:1 / 2 / 3/ 4

Meet Free Monday #2

A Day at HQ
Welcome to Monday. The weekend just flew by! How was your weekend? I had a good one, spent some really great time with a few friends and my sister, but yesterday when I wanted to catch up on some admin - our power went out. A sign for a break perhaps? A new week means new challenges made all the easier through having 'Meet Free Monday' to allow for some planning and brain balancing. This week is set to be a wonderful one as I leave for Joburg on Thursday to run the workshops and to have an adventure. Plenty to get done before then!

Things I am excited about this week:
Mr Price Sport is hosting a Blogger Olympics on Wednesday and I am excited to be invited. It should be a fun and ever so slightly challenging day with fellow bloggers. Of course the Joburg trip is exciting too, along with receiving the final goodie bag and giveaway items to spoil attendees with!

What will challenge me this week?
My workload is a challenge at present, but I can't complain about that at all. I don't want to harp on, but Thursday's trip is a challenge too - something new, somewhere new.

Personal Things:
I am currently trying to focus on eating better, getting rest and looking after myself which continues to be a personal focus. I also have some lovely letters to write and post off and there is one more birthday gift to complete. I have a new issue of Molly Makes to read - I call it research (he he). I also want to spend some time with Daniel as I won't see him for ten days - I think a lovely dinner is in order. His current work schedule rivals mine so carving out quality time is very difficult.

The week at a glance:
Many a list will be needed to keep this week in check. The main focus is sticking to deadlines as there a few between now and my trip along with making sure everything is perfect for the workshops. Lots of packing to do.

If you are taking part in having your own 'Meet Free Monday' please feel free to do a post of your own and share your blog with me - I would love to read what you have planned.

Good luck for your week! 

Joburg & Cape Town Consulting Sessions

After a few requests I have decided to add some creative consulting session dates for 2013 in Joburg and Cape Town. The sessions are one of my most popular services. Some clients prefer them to the workshops and other book them after the workshops to fill in any gaps. They are ideal for sorting through concerns or problems within your business or for shaping a concept or idea.

More Details:
The creative consulting sessions are one on one meetings in which you as a creative business owner discuss a variety of your current business concerns / concepts with me. I offer advice, examples, insight and help you to come up with solutions or plans to implement concepts. As mentioned they are one of my most popular services as they truly work. You can list your topics and decide what you would like to chat about and discuss. The sessions run for two hours. Our discussions stay personal and I never divulge plans or future concepts. Over and above that it offers a wonderful time to connect, chat and get an outside opinion. The Ruby Orchard are one of the many clients who booked a double session recently - you can read what they said here. The sessions are ideal for any level or size business as you dictate what to discuss or chat about.

Dates: Joburg
Wednesday 20th November
Time Slots:
10:30 - 12:30
13:30 - 15:30

Friday 22 November
Time Slot:
11:30 - 13:30

R350 for a two hour session
R500 for a four hour session

Vovo Telo Lonehill

To Book:
Email me to book your sessions or to ask me any questions you might have.

Dates: Cape Town
10th December
Time Slots:
11:30 - 13:30
14:30 - 16:30

Cavendish Square (we can decide on a coffee shop)

18th December
Time Slots:
09:30 - 11:30
12:30 - 14:30
15:00 - 17:00

TygerValley (we can decide on a coffee shop)

R350 for a two hour session
R500 for a four hour session

To Book:
Email me to book your sessions or to ask me any questions you might have.

I'm really looking forward to these trips and the opportunity to meet some of you!


Stellenbosch KAMERS Ticket Giveaway

KAMERS kicks off in Stellenbosch today and is running until Sunday, 10th November. How brilliantly exciting! If you are creative, love local products and beautiful things then you really have to go to this wonderful event. Each time I have attended KAMERS it has been truly wonderful, exciting and inspirational.

I am giving away five sets of double tickets for the Stellenbosch KAMERS. You have 24 hours to enter this flash giveaway!

Hera are a few details on KAMERS directly from the organisers, it really shows how hard they work to curate and shape our local creative industry.
  • This year we had over 600 applications and only 225 could be selected, so we had to be very hard on ourselves to select only the best of the best.
  • About 50% at each show are new suppliers, so visitors can expect a fresh KAMERS experience.
  • The 10 selected KAMERS Young Entrepreneurs at the Stellenbosch and Irene shows are also always an inspiring breath of fresh air and we are excited to support upcoming artists and entrepreneurs.
  • Through our suppliers KAMERS supports about 1324 workers. We are proudly SA; passionate about local products and local job creation.
  • This year we proudly support WHEAT Trust with a percentage of ticket sales and proceeds from our beautiful shopper bags made by the Breytenbach Sentrum in Wellington. 
  • We are also proudly supporting the EASY Project, training scholars in entrepreneurship and needlecraft skills.
  • This year the Sundays are back to accommodate all the hard workers who cannot make it during the week, so there is no reason to miss your KAMERS experience.
Their product preview for 2013 shows all perfectly - just in case you need convincing!

The venue in Stellenbosch is the beautiful Webersburg Estate - envision sweeping lawns, old oaks and spectacular views! Read all details here. I wish I could be there. The lovely news is if you are in Cape Town and surrounds you can enter to win the tickets.

  • Share the flash giveaway on social media. Remember to @ me and KAMERS.
  • Follow KAMERS on Facebook or Twitter. I am sure most of you already do.
  • Leave a comment to tell me you have entered.
  • Giveaway closes tomorrow at 1pm.
  • This is a local giveaway. Please only enter if you can get to KAMERS in Stellenbosch.
Good luck and please think of me when you shop around at KAMERS this weekend!

Thank you so much for entering! The winners of the five sets of double tickets are:
Danielle Claire Smith 
Leigh Harding

Please email me today with you name, surname and contact details so that we can arrange your tickets. Thanks.

Winners selected using Random.org.

Photo Credits:
2012 KAMERS Shots - Claudia De Nobrega / Carolien and Ben

Meet Free Monday #1

A Day at HQ
It's Monday...oh dear! You might be looking at the title of this post and think I got things a bit confused or my spelling is a bit off, but this isn't a food post. When I worked at Mr Price - I had a really awesome manager who kept Mondays free of supplier meetings in order for us to get into the week, focus on what we needed to do and plan out our days. This routine has stuck and Mondays are always meeting free. The rest of the week is open to clients, many meetings and consulting sessions, but Monday is the day to sort out my mind, get some lists going and in general shape the mood for the rest of the work week. In this new series I will share my 'Meet Free Monday' planing. I hope you will enjoy a glimpse at my week and current projects. This is my no means all I have to do, but it's a few things I feel like sharing.

Things I am excited about this week...
Tonight I have been invited to an exciting (and delicious) wine and food pairing at Cafe Jiran. I am really looking forward to this. Another big highlight is the arrival of my new laptop later today. I have an amazing desktop machine here in the office, but I am away twice before the end of the year and my iPad won't cut it to stay up to date with work.

What will challenge me this week?
I am working on a clients landing page and her brief is wonderful. The coding is a challenge and I want it to be perfect. Another challenge this week is all the prep for the Jozi workshops. I am really excited, but there is a great deal to do.

Personal Things:
I have been reading a number of beauty blogs and feeling ready to add some glamour to my days. I need to paint my nails before tonight's dinner. I love bold colours, but I find when I am in a rush a nude or lighter shade works well. I bought a new Yardley polish on Saturday in Pink Marshmallow. I have two birthdays to celebrate this week and have had such fun putting the gifts together, still need to wrap them - I will be sure to share the final product on Instagram.

The week at a glance:
This week is really busy and I am working on the mentioned website relaunch, several blog updates and new ones for clients, Jhb workshop planning and new blog posts. My intern, Claire is also back from her holiday and I can't wait to have her back in the office.

Good luck for your week! Do you have any major challenges to face?

Creative Business Tips

Product Prep for Christmas

We are officially on the downhill towards Christmas with just under two months to go. Although, for creatives taking part in the multitude of markets from now until then – it might feel like the uphill towards the end of the year! In the past I have shied away from seasonal products. I love Christmas, but not the kitsch that’s associated with it. I did learn however, that there are ways to add some seasonal cheer to your product range, without decking the bells with boughs of holly. In today’s business related post I discuss a few options for you to consider. If you have some time and energy it isn’t too late to embrace the festive season through your creative business.

A Few Tips for adding Christmas Cheer to your Products:

Don’t over invest:
You might want to rush out and stock up on all things seasonal, but don’t over invest. Decide on a select few items or products to add a seasonal feel to.

Look at trends and adapt them adequately:
Throughout the year you have watched trends develop and in turn introduced some of these trends into your product line. Don’t ignore these when adapting your products for seasonal sales. Take a look at shapes and colours and see how these can be adapted for a seasonal twist.

Create a seasonal version of a bestseller:
If it sold well during the rest of the year - why not add a small update. Could it be an updated colour, pattern or detail, if so update the product and sell it as a limited edition piece.

Market the items adequately:
Market items as seasonal or for Christmas. This way buyers are aware of this addition to your product range and are more likely to buy it in the lead up to December 25th.

It doesn’t have to be traditionally Christmas inspired or kitsch:
Remember seasonal can be a shape, pattern or colour update. It need not be green and red.

Start early next year:
Add it to your goal list to keep your eyes open for inspiration which could lead to next year’s seasonal bestsellers.

What if I'm afraid to try these ideas?
Make items to order, but be aware of your turnaround time.
Think of a seasonal product to add to your current range that you can create for special orders. You can create a sample and take orders accordingly. You can control the quantities you are willing to take orders for. It means you can ask for a deposit to cover costs and not take away from your other earnings.

Perhaps you feel like the ship really has sailed and the time for designing and creating new products is over. 

Here are a few ideas to add some cheer anyway:

A gift wrapping service or limited edition packaging:
Package sold items in Christmas or seasonal bags or add a gift tag to existing products. These can be added as a freebie or charged for at a small additional fee.

A novelty freebie:
Add something that is seasonally inspired for free. A small candy cane or loop of beautiful Christmas ribbon.

A limited discount:
Offer a special discount to inspire early shopping for Christmas.

Group deal or product pairing:
Pair products together or package them as a special Christmas deal. For example pencils with notebooks or gift cards or tags with products.

Show how current items can be used:
Take styled photos of how your current products can be adapted to be creatively gift wrapped or used. For example if you make small porcelain bowls show them being used for Christmas pudding or star earrings being worn for Christmas celebrations or what about lovely stationery packaged as a craft kit.

Good luck! I hope you have insanely fantastic seasonal sales!
Thank you so much for reading - I really appreciate each and everyone of you!

Image via Tiny Me (be sure to take a look as it is a lovely download).

Happiness through Creativity

Staying Positive
There is a great deal of stress and negativity in the creative world at the moment as we see ideas being taken, people picking sides and creatives being forced into battle. Having said that, I just wanted to share two beautiful pieces of inspiration to remind us about originality and also to stay true to why we do what we do - because we love it! Sending some positive vibes out there to those who are locked in battle, as well as to those who feel defeated or low! Stay focused on the good and stay creative. Today could be a good day to pass on some encouragement, give a compliment or say an extra special thank you - you might just take the first step towards changing the world or at least someone's day!

I have a great new business related post ready for tomorrow and don't forget you can still enter the Skinny laMinx lookbook giveway. Also... be sure to sign up for the Blogger Secret Santa on Sunflowers and Spears. Have a wonderful and super creative Tuesday!

Stylish Halloween

Do you celebrate Halloween and is 'celebrate' the right word? In South Africa it hasn't always been a big deal. As kids, my friends and I watched far too many American movies and we convinced ourselves to attempt to get dressed up, but the offerings of canned food, R5 coins and many an unanswered door didn't quite fulfil our American trick or treat dream! It seems that Halloween is slowly, but surely creeping to our shores. We are more connected to the rest of the world than ever before and I feel as if Halloween is on steroids this year as the influence spills into TV shows, and everywhere I look. If you can't beat them - join them! With this in mind I thought I would look for some stylish Halloween DIY's to banish the kitsch and embrace a bit of the spooky!
Your Halloween DIY List:
12 Stylish Halloween Projects
DIY Chevron Pumpkins
DIY Faux Milk Glass Pumpkins
Inspiration for Halloween Sweetie Table
Free Printable Halloween Tags and Labels
Halloween Inspired Drinks Trolley Arrangement

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