Time to get ORGANISED!

"How long have you been trying to get more organised or plan better? Most of your life? 
That is the usual response. Let's finally fix that!" 

Through years of focused experience I have taken the time to hone my skills. I have realigned my business after exploring and working as a Brand Manager for an international jewellery company for the last couple of years and returned full-time to Independency. I have fielded offers from even bigger international brands, but decided to go back to the heart of the matter and the purpose behind my vocation. Business growth, an organised approach and an all round successful strategy have led me to being fully focused on being available to assist you! Benefit from my years of experience, luxury knowledge and practiced brand and business expertise. Independency is the go-to consultancy to work with! We are not a social media agency or a marketing company. We are a hybrid, “multi-hyphen”, #bossbabe and all that shit type of company! Cheerleading our clients along the way. It’s lead by organisation the cornerstone to success! 

"Did you know that creating a luxury brand does not mean excluding potential customers?
Luxury is a standard and when you commit to that standard you start to attract current and future clients and customers who are invested in your brand journey."

HIRE INDEPENDENCY + NADIA if you want to… 
Be organised for once in your life!
Live an aesthetically pleasing, yet practical lifestyle.
Grow your business and create a luxury brand!
Get serious about telling your brand story the right way!

Sold out events, international collaborations, speaking engagements across the country and hands-on, successful retail and ecommerce experience paired with an appreciation and understanding of the international, luxury market makes me your go-to expert for knowledge, guidance and an organised approach like no other. There quite simply isn’t another brand quite like this or another person to work with!