My Story

My Story...

Thanks for stopping by and reading more about me.  The basics are... I live in Durban.  I love this city, but I'm also fortunate enough to travel across South Africa to teach and help creatives.

I run a Creative Business Development Studio with a focus on brand building and experiences. I teach and assist entrepreneurs to shape and build a successful business that can compete in an ever changing world. 

If you would like the slightly more detailed novel or life story then read on, it isn’t short, but I hope you enjoy it!

I am a Creative Consultant, specialising in creative business development. I often get quizzical looks about what that actually means. Well... I work on a myriad of creative projects for various independent clients and brands, ranging from styling shoots to designing blogs, arranging press features, social media management and business planning. Each day I am amazed at what this job title lends itself to! Above all, I love helping people to shape and develop their creative businesses.

I started off working in marketing, but yearned for a career in fashion. My first handmade business took off in 2004, creating bespoke accessories for local boutiques. At night I crafted and by day I worked at an agency. Many hours of midnight oil were burnt, but it all paid off!  
In 2006 I got the exciting, albeit nerve-wracking opportunity to move to London. I packed up my life, waved our beautiful country goodbye and headed towards my dream. My lucky big city break did appear (phew) and I was hired by Burberry, one of the top luxury fashion brands in the world. My accessory design experience lead me to their footwear department, where I worked with a team of the finest footwear specialist in the industry.  My days were full of Italian leather, buckles, zips, and beautiful shoes! 

However, South Africa kept pulling at my heart strings and I made the very difficult decision of moving home. Upon my return I joined Mr Price, a company I have always respected for their fashion forward work at exceptional prices. But, I missed my London fashion fix and the creativity it brought!  

In 2008 I started Cupcake Couture a new accessory, blogging and craft adventure, whilst still working at Mr Price. Why the name Cupcake Couture? Glad you asked... well I have travelled to many faraway lands and made a point of indulging in cupcakes around the world – they were impossible to resist! Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery in New York, Hummingbird in London along with many more icing clad cakes lead to my inspiration.

In 2011 I felt uninspired by my day job and with the allure of creative offers, I decided to spread my wings and take on my business full time. My understanding of the South African creative market lead to my advice being very valuable to fellow creatives and so the consulting side grew and grew. I will always be a crafter at heart, but my personal creating comes second to helping others shape and build the business they dream of. I am also an I heart Market veteran and take part in this amazing market whenever I get the chance. In 2012, I added styling lecturer and writer (for the House and Leisure), to my creative repertoire.

I now work under my rebranded name - Independency a brand by Nadia Jonker (that's me), 
Read more about the reasons for my name change and brand update here.

I warned you it wasn’t short! Like what you read? Why not get in touch and let’s see how we can work on making your dreams come true.