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I have run my independent consulting business full-time for the past eight years. 
It is divided into five main service areas designed and created to assist with building better brands. These are the main services that I have been offering, however at present I am only booking very specific and focused projects. 

Consulting & Mentorship to Independent Businesses and Start-Ups:
One of the most popular services rooted in guidance, coaching and mentorship to creative business owners and entrepreneurs. Together we work on running a more successful brand through optimising the use of strategic thinking and improving the overall brand experience. This service is also ideal for those starting out who might need assistance with branding, a business plan or general direction.
This service is focused on your needs and clients who commit themselves to progress truly do flourish and thrive with my guidance. I can further  guide you with social media, overall planning and a host of additional elements to bring out the very best in you. 

Brand Experience Expert:
Think Gordon Ramsay in Kitchen Nightmares, but with way more style, kindness and long-term vision.
Our brands have the opportunity to change people's lives in a beautiful, positive and happy way.
Who wouldn't want to share such a valuable type of sincere joy through their business? 
Every little detail counts from the very first encounter customers have with your brand through to the lasting impressions created. Attention to detail is my speciality and I review businesses from every angle, creating an audit style report with guidance on improvement from digital through to the physical elements. This style of brand experience improvement focuses on the senses, packaging, customer service, special touches and everything in between.

“Nadia helped me breathe life into a business that I love so dearly, but just couldn't seem to get my head around. Her business coaching sessions have been a lifeline!” 
Kristi Kyle of Love Long Length 

Lifestyle Content Creator & Blogger:
Beautiful, intentional content backed by strategic thinking can truly set your business apart. Aesthetically pleasing content creation through writing, specially designed graphics and via photos styled for social media and traditional marketing use is the ideal way to connect with your target market. 
I have written for local publications including House and Leisure and Ideas Magazine.
General copywriting for social media, press features and online platforms is also included along with collaborative features on my blog as an additional marketing option.

Consulting to Marketing Agencies:
This is a behind the scenes service offering my experience within a more corporate environment. Creative thinking, but  with strategic experience to back it up offers marketing agencies a competitive edge through my style of thinking and implementation.
My most noteworthy  work has been within the fashion & luxury property development markets.
Most Successful Client to Date: Rainmaker Marketing - Leading property development marketing agency within South Africa and Mauritius’ luxury property market.

Public Speaking & Hosting  Business Focused Workshops: 
Designing and creating workshops on behalf of clients related to the current needs within their industry. 
I have been the invited speaker at numerous national events such as Decorex SA: South Africa’s premier decor, design and lifestyle exhibition.
This service is geared towards designing and hosting business workshops for independent and corporate clients focusing on creative marketing, improved business systems and overall growth.

To chat to me or find out how I can assist you - contact me (just click here) or visit my Instagram and message me there.