A special tutorial for you...

To celebrate my 100th post - I have decided to hand over the reigns to Lulu from Lulu loves making things. She has prepared a tutorial...anyway enough from me.
Halter-neck T-shirt Re-fashion by Lulu

Hello there!
What an honor it is to be asked to be a guest blogger for the lovely Cupcake Couture!

I have really enjoyed putting this mini tutorial together and I hope you will enjoy making it as much as I do.

I have made several of these halter-neck tops from men’s T-shirts (the poor boyfriend has surrendered many more than he is probably aware of), but I just get such a thrill from turning something old into something new and releasing its full potential.

You can use any Men’s round or V-neck T-shirt, patterned or plain.

I like to make mine out of plain white t-shirts and doodle on them after with fabric pens (but more about that another time).

You can also dye any 100% cotton t-shirts to get the colour you desire if you don’t like the one you have to hand, just chuck it in the washing machine with a packet of washing machine compatible dye and you are good to go!

Feel free to get creative with it - maybe sew some sequins along the bottom, or thread wooden beads to the ends of the ties, use a silk scarf instead of the ties etc, let your imagination run away with you!

Also, if you would prefer it to fit a bit more than it does, just turn it inside out and take each side in 1cm at a time until you are happy with the fit.

You will need:1 x L or XL Men’s T-shirt
Chalk or disappearing marker pen for marking your cutting lines
Sharp scissors
Safety pin

Sewing machine
Overlocker / Serger (or just use the zig zag stitch on a medium setting for the edges)

Now just follow the instructions by clicking on the image at the top of the post and enjoy!

Sorry...me again...had to sneak into the post to show you Lulu's creation.