Meet Free Monday: Planning Editon

31 March: Planning at HQ
Today's Meet Free Monday takes on a new format due to it being the end of the month. Today I want to share some planning inspiration as I prep for a new week and a new month. My Typo planner has really helped me to stay organised this year and I love to look at decoration and organisation inspiration. How are you planning out your weeks - via a diary, planner or your phone? I find that by looking at how others organise I feel more inspired - I'm sure you will agree. I hope the following pictures and links help you to plan ahead...
How colourful and amazing are these? The perfect new month, new week planning inspiration.

Picture one, two and three are from A Bowl Full of Lemons - a site that is full of useful organising inspiration.

The fourth picture is via SeoulPicks who stock a range of stationery. I love a good pouch to hold crafty bits and pieces. (Note: It seems this site has closed down - you can find a similar bag on Mochi Things or on Cool Pencil Case.)

Filocuteness is a must follow for weekly updates and planner / Filofax details.

Colours 'n Me is a very pretty blog where Malini (a stationery designer) shares her planner updates. The last picture on the bottom right is also from this creative blog.

Jennifer from My Purpley Life is full of Filofax inspiration and reviews.

For even more planning and organisation ideas take a look at these sites / Instagrams:
Lovely printables via House of Rose

I hope you have a really great week.