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A City Adventure...

Chimp & Zee at uShaka invited me for an unexpected rope adventure (how unusual) and I gladly accepted. I really enjoy trying different things within my very own city, it’s a reminder that there is always something to be explored. I rifled through my contacts to think of a suitable “date” to join me. My client and friend Sabrina of Fashion Nanny sprung to mind. She never backs away from a challenge and her company is always welcome. Off we set on our girls’ day out, Sabrina in the most stylish of sport attire (obviously) topped with her pearly cap added a hint of style to our excursion. How lucky we were with Durban’s summery weather, blue skies, the ocean beyond and a partner in crime that was as excited as I was. 

“Situated in Ushaka Marine World, Durban, this state of the art rope adventure park is ideal fun for the whole family. Designed and operated by Chimp & Zee the course takes you through and above Sea World, giving you amazing views of the park, aquarium tanks and surrounding area.”

Five reasons to head to Chimp & Zee at uShaka:
It Clears the Mind: From the minute we begun the focus was on the challenge at hand. I don’t often get to press the reset button on my brain and this was the ideal way to take an adventurous break and just enjoy the course ahead. We also left our phones behind as we knew that the team would be capturing our moments (you can request that they take photos). It makes for a digital break which I welcomed with open arms.

It’s Heaps of Fun: That is surely obvious by my ridiculously wide smile. I love a challenge and that was why I accepted this particular invitation. It is something that just brings out that bubbly happiness from within, almost childlike in its joy. My favourite element was surely the zip lines, it was exhilarating without feeling too frightening. The team members (Thando and Sabelo) were also really helpful and ensured we felt safe and knew how best to tackle the different elements.

The View: Both Sabrina and I paused for ages to look over the view of the turtle pool. The shimmering blue was so beautiful it took us by surprise. 

A Hint of Adrenaline: I wouldn’t say I am an adrenaline junkie, not in the least, but I so enjoy a hint of it. It reminds me of growing up and going to fun fairs and how happy the abundant glow of being outdoors makes me. Chimp and Zee offers just the right amount... exhilarating.

It’s a Bonding Experience: Sabrina and I are close in a way that is different to a conventional client relationship, but embarking on this adventure together was a bonding experience both in our shared joy and in trying something new, different and unexpected.

What to Pack:
  • Sunscreen
  • Gym gloves if you have them. Not an essential, but it keeps those silky manicured hands intact.
  • A cap and sunglasses if the weather is sunny or if, like me you prefer hiding your peepers behind shades for photos. 
  • Water and a snack: There are lockers so you can put your belongings away. A little healthy snack is a welcome reprieve post swinging fun.
  • Your adventuring spirit: We need not leave the city to try something different. It makes you feel alive!

I would head back in a heartbeat and it would be awesome for a bigger group of friends to join me. It’s ideal as a team building adventure, whether you’re venturing with your nearest and dearest or looking for some healthy competition with colleagues. I found the course easy, but challenging enough that it was enjoyable and it made me think about how to tackle my next step and keep moving. Perhaps on my next date I will challenge my beloved to this, followed by celebratory cocktails on the Mojo Pier. Clink, clink to fun, folly and channeling my inner adventurer with Chimp & Zee.

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Lean In & Love: GIVEAWAY

As I gear up for a rebrand and take support from creatives around me I realise how often we don’t offer up true, sincere words of encouragement within life, our jobs and anywhere really. I suppose sometimes it stems from fear, the fear of someone being better than us, but the truth is as so many quotes state that the beauty or achievement of someone else does not rule out our very own accomplishments. The other element to consider is shyness and vulnerability. How often are connections missed because we are unable to speak forth what is within our hearts? I have pledged to myself to speak up and offer what is within my heart, yes there is a risk to that always. However, the risk of silence and loss is so much greater and so putting myself on the line for a brief few seconds on minutes is worth it in the bigger scheme of living a well-rounded life (even if some people think I love or care too much, whatever!).

I am that type of person who likes to tell random people that their shoes are amazing while I am standing behind them in the bank queue. Once over my shyness I can voice my compliment and people are so often absolutely amazed that a stranger would say something lovely to them. I love telling people how wonderful they are, always sincerely and so if I find that it is false I rather keep quiet. Words spoken in this regard must be true in order to be heartfelt by both parties. 

In this same vein of thinking I have been mulling over this giveaway for far too long. A giveaway where least of all we think of what we can gain and think about a deserving party. When better to share it than in the month of LOVE – my very favourite emotion.

Growing up Valentine’s Day was celebrated as a family and my mother imparted the wisdom of love on us, love for all, not just romantic love on this often commercially driven day. It has stuck with me year in and year out. Giving in the sentiment of love to all... single, divorced, friends, family, collegues, random acts of kindness. It is with this vision that I share this giveaway with you in order to get us connecting and talking, uplifting and showcasing the beautiful people around us.

The giveaway is two one on one 90 minute consulting sessions with me.
One for you as the person nominating and uplifting someone and one session for that awesome person. The great thing is the sessions are not only for creatives or business owners they are aimed at living a meaningful and intentional life and so are a great fit for just about anyone looking to solidify their thinking and purpose on this journey we call life. Trust me benefit will be gained if you are open to looking to evolve into living your best life.

- To Enter -

Nominate a person who you feel needs to know how wonderful they are in your eyes. Whether they have achieved something incredible or are just a fantastic all round outstanding human. Share in your comment a little bit about why you think this is. It truly can be simple or even a declaration of great admiration. Do it your way, speak your opinion.

Entries close on the 28th of February 2018 and the giveaway is open to participants worldwide thanks to that handy thing called Skype by which we can run your consult should you win.

The winners will be selected first by short listing the most heartfelt nominations and then by
Happy loving and caring. I so look forward to your comments of upliftment and care. 

Beautiful hand lettered illustration by Fathima from Fathima’s Studio.  One of the woman that I think is pretty darn incredible and cool!
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The Stationery & Stuff Sale: Durban

If you haven't already then mark your diary for this week Saturday's
- STATIONERY & STUFF - sale that I am hosting at my new office inside the The Station: 39 Station Drive, Durban. My office has been reshuffled to create a new hub within The Station and I am excited to welcome in the new space with the sale. 

What will be on sale you might ask? A thrifty collection of pre-loved, gently used stationery, decor items & bric-a-brac. 
Quite simply as the name suggests stationery and stuff. The stuff part is made up of interesting finds, decor items, objet d'art and vintage, second-hand treasures. All the items are in a fantastic condition and are ready for a new and happy home.  

The inspiration behind this small event was the super successful Thrift Sale I hosted a couple of years back, this is very similar except smaller with curated, pre-loved items. 

Just to recap the sale is this Saturday, 30th September at The Station in Station Drive, Durban. The Station is in the middle of the U-shaped road and on Saturdays there is plenty of parking. Please note the event is cash only sales as it is for one day only. You are also able to EFT on the day. 

Spread the word and see you there!

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My Second Home: Station Drive

I have been fortunate enough to call Staion Drive my "second home" for over two years already. The changes and community development have been a wonderful thing to be part of and to witness. Recently, Cheapflights chatted to a few local bloggers, including Ask Ashe and I about our favourite things to do in Durban, besides lying on the beach, working within Station Drive was a clear winner. I always suggest it as a must-visit for friends making their way to our city.

“It’s a vibrant, colourful area brought to life by a community of creatives working together to shape an experience that truly showcases a unique side of Durban as a city.”

The Station Drive Precinct is fast becoming one of Durban’s most interesting and inspired destinations for locals and tourists alike. With gentrification being the buzz word the globe over, it offers a prime example of the city working in unison with creatives and independent brands.

From the Morning Trade Food Market through to “First Thursdays” the taste of Durban is served in an authentic, yet truly delicious way. Fashion, food and vintage treasures can be found in amongst creatives hard at work. Offices and interesting shops are spread around the precinct in working pods such as The Loading Bay or The Station, developed to serve and assist small business growth within the area. 

How lucky we are to have such a creative hub within the heart of our city. It makes me so happy to go to work there each day! 
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The Business Sessions: Tailor Made to Suit your Brand

A selection of creative sessions to help you build your business and brand.

In June I launched The Business Sessions, a set of exclusively designed consulting sessions and weekly classes and I am ever so happy with how the introduction and subsequent sessions have gone. It has not only inspired new and existing clients, but been a very firm confirmation for me of why I LOVE my job. Hosting entrepreneurs in my office and via Skype, open discussion, teaching and guiding them and then seeing them grasp and understand concepts is a beautiful thing to witness.

For July and August the sessions continue and are open to a new group of students. I have simplified the process slightly in order to make it as clear as possible how it all works. 

- Type of Sessions -

One on One: When you need a bit of extra TLC.
Fully focused on your business, process and personal requirements.
Booked on a day and date that suits your individual schedule as opposed to fitting in with the timetable. You learn at a pace that suits you.
These are held in person in Durban or via Skype or Facetime for those who aren't based here.
R1200 for three sessions.

Small Group Classes in Durban: When you want to connect with like-minded business owners.
A group of students (no more than three) with a more general business focus.
You will receive individual assistance too, but the group setting allows for further learning from the experience of fellow students and is a great networking opportunity.
The classes are once a week for three consecutive weeks in a row / see timetable.
 Each week follows on from the previous with a clear plan and homework to keep the momentum. The timetable (scroll down) outlines the dates and times at which the group classes run.
R900 for three sessions.

- Session Info -

As you work through the sessions or classes depending on whether you select one on one or group classes, you will receive practical examples and insight that you can implement within your own life and business. Each session is taught by me, personally, no pre-recorded messages, no videos... the real life person version. It ensures you can ask questions directly and we can tackle your individual requirements. If your schedule doesn't allow for you to attend weekly sessions, there is the option to have one on one mentorship to suit your schedule and pace. 

- You can select from the following -

- Social Media Content Creation - 

Tell your story, grow your brand, showcase your business. 

You can attend either in the group class as per timetable or book these sessions one on one to suit your unique schedule.

Always wondering what to say online, how to say it and when? Then these are the sessions for you.
A focused set of three sessions to guide you through the process of creating and writing purposeful content to market your business and creatively build your brand. On offer are focused steps that you can personally implement and test out to see results in action.

"Meaningful content creation is a personal passion of mine. I'm fortunate to have worked on some large scale projects that yielded great success for locally based businesses, both within the creative and corporate spheres." 

Each set of sessions includes a selection of tools to get you inspired, time for Q&A and measurable steps and actions to implement from day one. Not sure if this is the course for you - let's chat.

- Developing a Comprehensive Brand Experience -

You can attend either in the group class as per timetable or book these sessions one on one to suit your unique schedule.

Don't you love that feeling in your heart when you leave your favourite shop, with a prettily wrapped parcel after having received outstanding service? It's time to create that "happy feeling" for your very own customers.

"Our brands have the opportunity to change people's lives in a beautiful, positive and happy way. Who wouldn't want to share that valuable type of sincere joy through their business?"

A focused set of three sessions to guide you through the process of creating your own comprehensive brand experience. Add value to your customers through an authentic and connected offering and ensure it lines up with the mission of your brand.

Each set of sessions includes a selection of tools to get you inspired, time for Q&A and measurable steps and actions to implement from day one.

- Planning for Creative Business -

Developing a plan that suits your business and lifestyle.

You can attend either in the group class as per timetable or book these sessions one on one to suit your unique schedule.

We often hear how consistency is key both online and in achieving our goals. But, first you need to know what you are creating consistency towards. It's time to shape a plan that creates that direction for both your life and business. 
A focused set of three sessions to guide you through the process of understanding what you want to become known for within your industry and creating a plan around it that respects your lifestyle and values. We tackle some of the tough elements like setting boundaries, thinking about the future and what will essentially make you a happier and therefore more successful business owner and all round human.

Each set of sessions includes a selection of tools to get you inspired, time for Q&A and measurable steps and actions to implement from day one.

- Workshop: Style your Brand for Social Media -

Currently Durban Only

Beautiful photos are everywhere we look, but what about your own images that represent your brand? It's easy to use stock imagery, but how about creating and styling a library of images that truly represents your business and in turn creating a brand presence. This half day workshop will take you through the steps to styling your own images that are in line with the vision you are aiming to create. From the practical to the pretty we will work on examples and actionable steps.

"I have lectured on styling at a tertiary level and styled images for a host of local brands with great success for both print and digital. It's time to be inspired, hone your own eye for composition and showcase your brand in style!"

Each workshop includes a selection of tools to get you inspired, time for Q&A and measurable steps and actions to implement immediately.

- Claim your Spot -

Small focused groups, individual attention, direct access to the teacher... these rates are designed to make it affordable for you the business owner. My focus is guidance and adding value. Human to human... good old fashioned communication based on true connection.

One on One: When you need a bit of extra TLC.
Three one on one Sessions: R1200 for all three sessions (R400 each). Included are some lovely items for you to use during the classes to keep you inspired. You and I work one on one so the attention is directly on your business.

Small Group Classes in Durban: When you want to connect with like-minded business owners.
Three Group Classes: R900 for all three sessions (R300 each) collectively which includes a host of additional treats and supplies to get you focused. You get direct access to me as I teach the sessions and the groups are limited to only three students.

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