About Nadia

My professional background and experience started within marketing and international luxury fashion working at Burberry’s HQ in London. I created my very first accessory business at nineteen to pay for my textbooks and it ended up shaping the rest of my life. My vocation is dedicated to guiding people, looking after their wellness within business and celebrating creativity. I launched my first set of highly successful and well-received business workshops in 2013 and taught them nationally. Since I have created short courses which I prefer to teach one on one, specifically related to Brand Curation and Styling.

Recognition: With over one hundred press features in print, online, on television and radio, I can honestly say it has been a wonderful honour to write for and be featured in numerous articles, editorials and stories. Here are a few I am proudest of…

Press in leading publications such as Grazia, Elle, Elle Décor, Frankie Magazine and Cosmopolitan. I have written articles on creative business for Ideas Magazine (amongst others) and styled many a shoot too. Digital features have included The Pretty Blog and Lovilee. I have had my moment to shine on kykNET and been featured on radio and online media video features.
(Now… how do I get into Vogue? Anyone know Anna Wintour?)
Click here to watch me in a Beautiful News online feature. 

I am an aspiring Minimalist. That doesn’t mean I have no possessions (don’t be fooled). It’s linked to being very selective about what is within my home and life. It’s about a value-system that is attached to owning less and being mindful (work in progress). I am one of those weird people who loves to exercise, but not in the morning (I’m too grumpy). It fuels me and keeps my thoughts at bay. The beach is my happy place and restores my soul. I love organising, crafting and generally getting creative, especially when it comes to wrapping gifts. I also love a good dance off; this usually surprises people. I dream of visiting Paris and to me Coco Chanel is the epitome of style and business savvy. Think about it… her logo is still en vogue over a hundred years later. 

I have been blogging for more than thirteen years. It started out as a way to share my fashion experiences whilst living in London and transitioned into a space to market my creative talents and lifestyle insight. I’ve done the “influencer” thing and received some life-changing opportunities through it. Thanks to my blog I was fortunate enough to attend global events, meet my initial blogging inspiration Susie Lau and receive freebies galore. My current vision is more focused on content that steers clear of selling this as an advertising space. I see it as a curated journal to share valuable info, happiness, love and insight.

My Consulting Style:
Since starting my consulting business guiding independent business owners in 2011 I have stayed true to the style of assistance I offer. The playing field has changed and grown dramatically. The experts have appeared from seemingly nowhere and the market is saturated to a degree. There are now hundreds, if not thousands of coaches offering an array of similar services. The main selling point that comes across to me is their need to push the financial side of how insanely well their other clients are doing. The result can often cause you to shrink inside and wonder how you will ever be able to compete or compare. There are all kinds of things you sign up for, usually for FREE and lots of advertising of profits sometimes in the millions.

We each have our place within the industry, but I am not a coach in that form or someone who is filming upbeat videos about my courses with a great deal of hurrah. My approach is different, calmer, more emotionally lead and focused on true authenticity. With the changes in the industry I have stayed true to the essential assistance offered and never faltered or strayed from this clear and distinct approach. It is about looking at the aesthetics that make up a brand, the emotional quotient and the heart and soul aspect. I am not here to join the bandwagon or sell you things you don’t necessarily need. In fact, I want to steer clear of the coach title altogether and offer you services that are bespoke and dedicated to very specific needs that I have identified over my twelve years of consulting within this realm. This experience paired with my background in luxury fashion and marketing allows for an approach like no other.

If you are considering hiring a coach, consultant or seeking business guidance it is very important to connect with someone who pays attention to your personality type. I agree that your boundaries much be challenged in a healthy way, but when you take on a different persona the result is inauthentic, and it really shows.