Swap Shop

Sorry no post yesterday, but I had to do some living in order to find some more blogging inspiration. On Tuesday I went to Beanbag Bohemia for Swap Shop organised by Anna who also organisers I heart Market. Anna seems to be holding the keys to the city at the moment as much of what we do and enjoy is organised by her! Thanks! Basically we were welcomed by pink cocktails (really needed this - hard week), pink cupcakes...my favourite and lots of eager girls ready to rummage and turn others trash into treasures. Each item was worth 1 button...the currency of the eve. I was hooked. Wish I could always shop in button currency...I would be rich. It was so well organised and made me feel refreshed amidst the day job stress. I snapped up a navy jumpsuit that my fav friend Kelli was swapping, a vintage dress, a black patent vintage bag, a Jaeger London jacket and um...oh and a little green tee for my sister. It was so joyous and great! Beanbag does a brilliant job of showing local art too, so not only was I finding this season's 'it' items, but I was getting a culture fix on top of it. Bargain I say! I left feeling light and rejuvenated. Who needs a day at the spa when you can play Swap Shop instead. Heading home I was button less instead of penniless and was home in time to get to bed early and even saw the moon wink at me...night night!