A very long post - I know, but I needed to show you all that I saw on Saturday at Kamersvol Gesenke which means rooms full of gifts and that it was.
Smell: Fresh food, cupcakes, a Summer's day
Eat: Sweet potato fries with coriander mayo
See: The beauty of a perfect day
Hear: Sweet French songs that remind you of days gone by
Buy: The type of beautiful things that your mind dreams of as you sleep
Drink: Bashew's berry flavoured soda
Feel: The hot, welcoming sun on your skin
Travel: On a tractor
Now close your eyes and imagine...the perfect day!


  1. karla Reardon11/04/2009

    wow that looks amazing.
    Must definitely make a point of going next year.
    Too much of cool!!

  2. OMG so jealous you got to go there- been dreaming of shopping there- thx for sharing your pics- amazing

  3. what fantastic pics!!you must have had a great time - looks really inspiring!!

  4. Ah what fun you must have had! Lovely pics sweets. See you on Saturday. x


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