I heart Market 2010

Cupcake Couture just adores I heart Market!  In 2010 Cupcake Couture will be setting up shop every 3rd month.  Imagine a bigger, better stall stocked with delights to fill your heart to the brim with joyful happiness!  Yes...it is possible.  So here is to 2010 and looking back at the success of 2009.  I will be at the market on Saturday to enjoy browsing and to take pictures of you the shoppers. So... don your best outfit for a mega street style edition!  Watch this space for the OFFICIAL CUPCAKE COUTURE SHOP dates at I heart Market.

So remember there won't be a Cupcake Couture stall this Saturday, but the dates that we will be at the market will be released soon.  You can still order products via the blog or email lovecupcakecouture@gmail.com  Keep looking out for the FOR SALE posts on the blog.

I hope you are ready for the circus theme on Saturday. These vintage circus posters really capture the mood.