A very happy day...

30 March 2010

Handfuls of buttons and an antique tin...that is the way I started my day.  The same kind person who gave me the muffin last week bought in her granny's button tin so that I could take a little scrounge through it.  I was allowed to pick any buttons I liked.  Yesterday was a rough day at the day job, but this morning reminded me that there are truly kind hearted people that totally erase the bad moments.  In the beautiful tin I found the exact blue buttons that my heart had made a silent wish for.  Funny how things like that just happen and often when least expected. 

Thank you for telling me what makes you happy on the post about the pretty muffin.  This week I would like to know what are you silently wishing for?  Buttons, something pretty, a peaceful, relaxing day or to see someone you miss.  Here is to hoping it comes true.