The Package Project 2011

It is here - THE PACKAGE PROJECT 2011.  Please read all the details carefully...and email all the correct info to me.

Last year the project was a huge success and was featured on the Frankie blog, PSFK, Google Blogs of Note and Trend Central just to name a few.  Looking forward to having another wonderful swap this year!

Please copy and paste these questions into your email & type your answer underneath the question.   Make sure the subject of your email is The Package Project 2011
Blog URL: http://...(actual link please)
Email Address:
Location: (country & city / town)
What are your interests:
Favourite blogs:  Please email me actual links - not just names.
Please make sure that you follow all the instructions related to emailing and taking part.  Sorry to be strict, but I need to be able to link straight to blogs and all needs to be as clear as possible.

This year the exchange is a world wide project - meaning the aim is to swap with someone in a different country.  If you would like to take part, but want to do it locally then please make sure you mention this in your email...come on be brave and swap internationally. 

If you sign up it means you are committing to sending a don't want to let your 'package partner' down.
Spread the word - if you are taking part please add the banner to your blog and link it.
Click here for the banner.