My letter to you...

If you signed up for The Package Project 2011 - you would by now have received an email from me matching you up with your lovely partner.  The admin system this year was much more detailed so I feel that there wasn't a great deal of mistakes or people who got left off.  I looked at every single blog of every single person taking part.  Call me crazy, but I felt that I wanted to find each of you a special match.  Below is what my email says... If you have a query then please feel free to mail me.  If for some reason you can't take part any longer - now is the time to mail me.  Thanks & happy weekend!

P.S:  You and your partner can discuss how long you have to prepare and send your package.  I would say about two weeks is a good time, but just chat about it and see what works.

The time is finally here...the introduction to your package partner!  Hooray!
Your partner’s email address is at the top of the mail.  It is now up to you to make contact.

I wrote these tips for you with  love and care.

Here are some details for your swap...

What happens if I can no longer take part? 
You have to let me know so that your partner doesn’t lose out.  You won’t be in trouble, so send me a quick email to tell me.  This will be really kind of you and will mean your partner will still get a chance t swap with someone else.

What should I do if my partner does not reply?
Give it seven days and if you don’t get  a reply – mail me so that I can match you up with a new partner.  If they vanish – I will add them to a list called: ‘NEVER ALLOWED TO TAKE PART...AGAIN...EVER!’

What should I send in my package?
Packages can contain anything from trinkets representing your hometown or country to handcrafted gifts or art supplies or pretty stationery.  If you own your own creative or craft business – feel free to share what you make with your partner, but don’t only include items you create for your business.  Your package needs to be varied and fun and chat to your partner and find out what they like.  It could be nice to include a little handwritten note too.

Things to remember...
Wrap your package up well.  Your package has to travel hundreds of miles to get to your partner and you would like it to arrive safely and intact.

Make sure the address you are sending it to is a hundred percent correct.  A package with the wrong address will go to the wrong person and how sad that will make your partner.  Double check and even triple check.

Don’t send items that can break easily.  A beautiful vintage teacup is a wonderful gift, but it won’t survive the long journey.

Make sure you have paid the correct postage amount.  Chat to your local post office for the most affordable and reliable service.  Whether you package is sailing the high seas or flying first class – make sure it has all the right stamps!

Don’t send perishable items.  Food often flags package inspections.  I am sure your homemade jam is delicious, but border control won’t like the idea.  For some additional guidelines see

*Disclaimer:  I love packages and I know you do too.  Some people think it is fun to sign up and not do as they promise!  I try my best to weed out the meanies from the goodies.  However, I can’t be held responsible if your partner doesn’t send a package or if your package gets lost en-route.  I wish I could hand deliver each parcel (like a Package Project Santa), but I can’t.  Follow the tips above and let me know if you have problems, concerns or if your partner does a vanishing act.  Most of all – try to be committed to your partner and send that package...big or small or let me know if you can’t.  Big thanks!

Happy swapping and thank you so very much for taking part!  *Watch the blog this week for a very pretty giveaway.

A package from last year's shop via The Package Project flickr group.