Lucky Number

Seven is my lucky number so I decided to share seven lovely things with you that I have snapped of late with Instagram (cupcakecouture_).

1.  New Necklaces:  New faceted / geometric necklaces that I made.  For sale at the next I heart Market.
2.  Random & odd things:  I saw the picture of the man with the camera on a bench quite by chance.  I wonder who put it there...
3.  My mug and cup collection:  I am always looking for them.. almost Scandinavian type flowers and prints.
4.  Collars:  Neat and prim...I love adding brooches and gigantic necklaces.
5.  Ike's Books & Collectables:  Old books, nooks, cool things...a great world in which to get lost.
6.  Packages:  The notebook, prints and key brooch came all the way from Canada from my partner (via ohhellofriend's shop swap) Chrissy from Spark Box Studio.
7.  Weddings:  I am working on lots of wedding orders at the moment and I delivered a bag full of pinwheels to an excited bride.  I love sharing in the joy of love!