Creative Business & Blogging Resources

I haven't done a resources post in ages and I thought what could be better than starting off your week with some inspiration, tips and tools for a creative week and a better business.

I often get asked about the following:
> What is better Wordpress or Blogger?
> How to plan posts and how often to blog?
> Creative business tips
> Fun / pretty resources like free graphics or fonts are a few resources and answers to help...

Wordpress or Blogger?
This is a difficult one as it all depends on the needs of the user.  There is no right or wrong answer - use what works for you.  I find value in both services, but I do currently work in Blogger more.

For more - read this great post by Katrina from Pugly Pixel.

Posting:  When and What?
There is no set amount of posts that you have to have per week, but I would say between three and five is a good number.  If you won't get around to posting during the week then perhaps take some time over the weekend to schedule posts.  Find a rhythm that is comfortable for you - that is key!  

Content can be difficult to generate especially unique content based on your business or lifestyle.  I suggest to once again find a balance between reblogging and posting original content.  At Alt. Summit earlier this year it was discussed that trend wise blogging was heading more towards original content.  I suggest if you run your blog as part of your creative business - try and write more about your products, services, business and what you are up to as it serves as an additional marketing tool to inform readers and customers.

Some links on content:
See how Kaylah from The Dainty Squid does her planning - pictured above.

Creative Business Tips:
56 Ways to Market your Business using Pinterest:  Tips that you can start using today - some are obvious, others are useful and some might not be necessary right now.

PapernStitch:  Business tips galore via this interesting blog!  I especially like the post on Photography Tips and another on Creating a Social Media Strategy.

A Beautiful Mess:  A lovely owner of a vintage shop with a love for all things beautiful - read creative business tips from Elsie and her team.

Women in Business:  A blog which is full of info to help you feel inspired in business.  *Check out their manifesto - shown below.

Mimi+Meg:  A post about Alt. Summit and some tips on growing readership amongst other things.  TinEye is also mentioned which can help you find the source of an image.

Creature Comforts:  Ez did these posts awhile ago, but they are still exceptionally relevant - she chats about better blogging.  I also found this photography post on her blog useful.

Jamtin:  Features tips on running a good business by Michelle Ainslie.

Blog Milk:  I am affiliated to Ana and work with her templates.  Her Conversation with regards to blogging about personal things is great as well as her Blog Talk posts.

Free Resources:
Friendly Scrap:  This blog hasn't been updated in a while, but there are still some great freebies available.

Pugly Pixel:  I have mentioned Katrina before, but her blog is worth another mention as it is full of handy tips!

Fuzzimo:  Fonts, textures and a host of cool and useful things.

Font Squirrel:  Get creative with a range of awesome fonts!

Besotted Brand Blog:  A few lovely freebies.

Design House Digital:  I love using the paper backgrounds for posts or banners.

Tack-O-Rama:  Retro inspired resources

Printables:  Always fun for getting even more creative
The Tomkat Studio:  A huge array of very nice printable files.

Just Something I Made:  Once again I have mentioned this blog before, but it is a great resource with printable as well as digital items.

The Eternal Favourite:
For tips, lessons and invaluable advice don't forget Design Sponge's Biz Ladies Series.

On my Reading List:
Conversations with Creative Women:  Can't wait to get my hands on this book.  In the meantime - check out their site for more tips!  I love the post on A beginner's guide to Twitter as well as Marketing basics.
*See more books like this here.

My Inspiration:
Rena Tom:  I love reading her updates and advice on running a creative business.  Her blog offers details and tips on a multitude of topics and she has some free resources available too.

I hope you found these useful!  If you have some resources to share or if you have a question - feel free to leave a comment as I would love to hear from you or help if I can.