Seven Things: Birthday Edition 2

As I said in the previous post - I had more than seven birthday things to share and here is the next batch.

Dinner, Drinks & Dancing:  A few gals, glasses clinking and high heels = a lovely eve out on the town.

Sparklers:  I mentioned them in my celebration essentials and Lauren made sure I had some!  In fact she really made my day yesterday with decorations (including little animals), balloons, paper masks and enough sweets to induce a sugar coma!

Macaroons:  Another birthday essential - these went down a treat!  Thanks Daniela!

An iceberg:  The Palki crew bought me a plate full of ice cream which reminded me of a sugary iceberg.

Mr Price:  Last week saw the launch of the Mr Price online shop and I was fortunate enough to receive a huge and beautifully decorated box full of surprises...good timing I say!  Have you checked out the online shop yet?  

I ate enough this past weekend for the next five birthdays - sure you can tell by all the photos of food!  Now - to get onto living this year (and age) to the best of my ability!