A Good Exchange

Swapping is the New Shopping
Not too long ago I featured A Good Exchange on the House and Leisure blog.  Their concept is unique, fun and of course creative! Creatives, crafters and makers sign up, pay a small management fee and submit products of their own. They are then able to exchange items. The experience is thrilling, as it has the satisfaction of online shopping, sans the hefty credit card bill. 

The wonderful news is they are hosting a live exchange in Durban on the 18th of April - so traders can experience the beautifully curated ideas and pieces on a new and tangible level.  
I have taken part in two exchanges and just love the items I exchange for, which included a necklace from Genevieve Motley and a lovely black dress from Josephine, amongst other lovely bits and bobs.  Take a look at their site for all the sign up details as well as the piece I wrote about them.  These photos show only a small part of the awesome goodies on offer!