Easy Washi Tape DIY

A Super Simple Washi Tape Idea
After my London holiday, I wanted a way to display some of my postcards and keepsakes, but I didn't just want another pin board standing around. As you know I have one already, which I featured a while ago. I decided to just washi tape a rectangular shape on the wall and use it as a frame to stick and tape little mementos within, as well as hang my Mollie Makes calendar. This is hardly a unique idea, but so often we see things on Pinterest, but never really get to making or creating them, so I thought I would share my quick frame with you. This idea is especially great if you don't want to drill holes in the wall or if you rent and don't want something permanent. It also adds a pop of colour to your creative space.

I drew some very light pencil lines on the wall to begin with and used a measuring tape and ruler to get it as straight as possible. My washi frame is tucked in next to my desk, so it was hard to shoot it at a good angle, but I think you get the idea. The tape I used is a slightly stronger tape to some as I am sure you will have noticed the Chinese made tapes are not as durable or sticky as the true MT Japanese tape. It seems to have stuck really well though and doesn't peel off. I used a hanger found at Boardmans to hold the calendar, which hangs from the picture rail. As I said all really easy ideas.

On the board are are a range of my favourite postcards, some from Paperchase, a small year at a glance calendar from ohhellofriend, a Cath Kidston postcard and my treasured Knot & Bow confetti.

I hope this inspires you to tape a space of your own.