Motex Label Maker Review

My New Toy

When Daniel asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I knew the answer straight away! The Motex Label Maker in pink, stocked by Love Letters Stationery. I thought I would share it with you, along with my thoughts on how it works. 

I got the Motex Tape Writer, version 2 and there seems to be a few versions out there, but I was looking for one I could get locally, without the long wait or postage worries. It really is a great device and I can highly recommend it for a range of crafty projects or to use from an organisational point of view. The tape that fits inside, has a peel off back, to allow for it to be a sticker, ideal for adding to gifts or onto jars. The label maker came with one pink tape already inside and I ordered an additional pack of tapes, with pink, yellow, navy, light blue and black inside. It also comes with a capital letters disc and a lower case one. Each one has a few symbols and numbers on too. To change the disc and tape is super easy and you do get a little manual with it, but to be honest it was so easy, I just went ahead and did it. The other great thing is that it doesn't need batteries like my other more modern label maker (Brother PT-35). It also offers a more tactile, crafty finish with the raised letters. I just love it and really can't fault it. As always the order process through Love Letters Stationery is easy and efficient! The actual label maker with one pink tape was R220, but with postage and another pack of five tapes was - R335 for the whole order. R65 for the extra tape and R50 for a courier, which delivered to my door.

You can see a few of the things I have done with mine via my Instagram.