Meet Free Monday with a Twist

How was your weekend? It's Meet Free Monday time, but to be honest today is a Monday with a twist! Tomorrow is the first Joburg Creative Business Workshop so today I am going through the final prep to ensure everything is perfect. So far I made a very successful trip to Typo for a few additional supplies. I am now clocking a few 'office hours' and then I am off to the venue, In Good Company and finally the florist. It's an exciting and busy day. To make up for the fact that I am not keeping today meeting free - I thought I would share a few snippets of this past weekend instead. I am using my iPad to snap all my pictures - I know they're not the best, but they still share my trip with you.
I had a weekend of fun, mixed in with some work of course. On Saturday my friend, who I am staying with made me this beautiful breakfast! We then headed off to the Neighbourgoods Market which I haven't been to before. I really loved Skermunkil's stand and we also popped into Father which was ever so cool! After that we headed off to 44 Stanley (another place I haven't been to) and we stopped for a delicious lunch. The perfect Joburg day if ever there was one.

Remember to enter the Shanti Decor giveaway as it ends this week.
There are also three places left for this week's workshops - I would love to fill them. View all details here or email me.

Have a wonderful week!