Meet Free Monday #8

10th February: A Day at HQ
Each and every week I sit down on a Monday to plan the week ahead - I realise that I really need to make every second count. This realisation is a tough one as I need balance and it's impossible to spend every waking moment in a useful way. Sitting on the couch must be useful in some way surely? My search for balance and motivation in the right quantities continues in this week's list making and goal setting. 

Did you have a good weekend? I had quite a relaxed one. Time at home (my favourite), I watched The Book Thief with my mom (heart wrenching), we had a lovely braai with family and I continued working on our home - throwing out, re-purposing and tidying. I live a wild and thrilling life as you can tell - ha ha.

The Working Week:
Today I have several tasks I really want to complete - one of which includes answering a bunch of emails (damn you inbox). Tomorrow, I'm out and about which will include a trip to House of Heart in Pietermaritzburg. On Wednesday my wonderful intern - Claire is returning to work and I can't wait to see her and hear all her news. Thursday sees a consulting session in which I will work with a client on planning her editorial calendar and getting her social media up to scratch. In between these activities I would like to (have to) really apply myself to various aspects of my work. I find short bursts of focus easier, but I must be honest I battle with procrastination as I know most people do. I always find once I get started the job isn't so bad and I feel so happy once I'm done, but the point is to get to that complete stage sooner. 

Things I'm excited about this week:
Valentine's Day! I love spreading some cheer and can't wait to indulge on Friday. I have a special dinner planned and I want to try making a few treats to enjoy. I found the sweetest Valentine's cards with treats inside at Pick n Pay of all places - they are very girly so I got one for my mom and sister. 

What will challenge me this week?
Time management that elusive thing we all strive to conquer. So basically... I need to manage my time, not procrastinate and focus. Yikes! Having said that this is a challenge that will continue for all of time.

Personal Thoughts:
At the moment I'm still working through purging and tidying out various areas of our home. Yes - I know, you can't believe I am still busy (I'm sure you are sick of hearing about it). This is the biggest clean-out I have ever undertaken and I realised it's a project rather than just a quick to do. I hope it will create a really good foundation, so I can just maintain it and stay organised. Last week I filled Daniel's bakkie with donations and I felt so relieved to drop them off. This week there is a trip to the dump and recycling centre. I still have several areas that I am working on. I have decided to create a home project notebook so I can manage all that needs doing which should help with the brain clutter. There are also several systems I am working on implementing - one of which is a better way to deal with receipts (boring). I find videos from Organized Jen to be handy as she does things so thoroughly. Storage magazine is also a wonderful source of inspiration.

What are some of the challenges you are facing this week?

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I have had a few requests to share the details on the items pictured each week - so here goes:
Love Letters of Great Men: Gift
Made with Love Stamp: Lisa & Jo
Made with Love Tape: Gift from Thailand / Russian Doll part of same gift
Heart Badge: Paperchase
Doily Magnet: ohhellofriend
Polaroid Card: Typo
Paper Heart: Vintage