Meet Free Monday #26

It's Monday and hello to you! I'm feeling optimistic today - not sure why, but it's a good thing. The weekend flew by way too fast as it always does. On Friday night Daniel and I cooked a roast chicken dinner, watched one of our favourite shows and I even fitted in a bit of hand sewing for a gift I'm working on. Saturday was a personal day at home as Daniel was working and I did a few household things as well as catching up on MasterChef The Professionals (love it). In the early evening we went to a party with an incredible Durban view. We were only going for an hour or so, but ended up staying much later and we had quite a bit of fun with friends. On Sunday we were up early, way too early post party in fact. We headed out to run a few errands at the plastic shop, Makro and to do grocery shopping. Now, I know this might sound like the worst plans ever, but we really love it! Odd, but true. We shopped for a few things we needed, stopped for brunch and got a few very useful things that have been on the list for a while. We spent the afternoon relaxing and fitted in a nap followed by a very healthy and delicious dinner using our new Sistema steamer. How was your weekend?

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
Glancing at my planner and reviewing last week it was a fairly good week. However, there are several things I didn't get round to. I set tasks for the weekend and ended up taking the weekend off completely with the exception of one quick job. It was needed and has definitely helped my mindset today as I feel rested. 

The Working Week:
One of the tasks on today's list is searching for a venue for the Cape Town workshops. My inbox was so beautifully organised last week, but as always it is in need of some TLC today. I've mentioned before that it's an ongoing work in progress. I was meant to take part in a shoot for a magazine tomorrow, but it's been postponed which gives me some extra office time (always useful). Last week I worked on utilising some of the ideas on the list below. The reward one works really well for me - going to keep referring to it and see what else can work.

Things I'm excited about this week:
Mmmm... there isn't anything major taking place this week, but in general I'm always just happy to have time at home. I'm currently ensuring I schedule in creative time to make something or to craft in some way as it makes me really happy.

What will challenge me this week?
Getting stuff done - I think this is a challenge every week. It's not because I don't do my work, but I often look back on a day and feel like I just didn't do enough. It's all in finding a balance I suppose.

Personal Thoughts:
Personally last week was so much better than the week before from a mental and thinking point of view. Isn't it funny how our brain can sometimes be obsessed with one way of thinking and then almost overnight it changes. It's hard work to be an emotional being. I've been feeling quite concerned about the amount of sugar I eat - I love treats you see. So, from a health point of view I'm focussing on cutting back (tips welcome).

I would like to encourage you to comment and share your own personal thoughts for the week. I've mentioned it hundreds of times before, but it really helps when I hear from you.

Featured in today's photo:
The first image is via Mail Models - I can highly recommend this site for beautiful inspiration and stationery. The second is via Yumi Sakugawa.