Meet Free Monday #33

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This week we're getting some planning inspiration via a MFM guest post - happy reading!

Hello! Thrilled to be making a little appearance on Nadia’s gorgeous blog.

I’m Caitlyn, from Caitlyn de Beer Life Coaching and I’m a planner at heart. I’m one of those delightfully painful people who gets a kick out of writing a to do list, or tiding my cupboards or worse still, moving. With this in mind you will understand my joy last week, when I got home to find a new white board on my desk (bought by my amazing husband) to help me with my ever-changing and growing ‘To Do List’. 

Looking back at last week… it was one of those, “Where did the week go and can I keep up” kinda weeks, in the best way possible. 

My week always begins on a Sunday afternoon / evening, when I sit down and plan the ahead, as well as matching up my schedule with my husband's. There is something empowering about going into a Monday morning knowing what your week will look like!

Monday morning brought with it the absolute JOY of launching my new website and thus much of my morning was spent devouring delightful emails, scheduling new clients and checking my website way too often. Amidst my morning of website mania, I also spent time planning my week’s lectures for Varsity College. 

Tuesday and Wednesday started with an early morning group run (by early I mean waking up at 4am - it should be illegal, but I do love it). Both days were spent focused on admin, actual lecturing and quite a few meetings involving lots of coffee and some exciting new work collaborations. Watch this space!

With my husband being away for work last week, I found myself working evenings too, but that wasn’t all bad, as sometimes it’s helps me to get ahead. Plus, look at the cool washi tape board I created in my little home office.

If there is one thing I took from last week, it was the realisation once again of the privilege I have of walking alongside my clients as they discover, create and embrace a life they love and have dreamed of living for so long.
The Working Week ahead...
This week is looming on the horizon and holding lots of exciting prospects! The weekend was lovely and relaxed – just what we needed, so I don’t feel as prepped for the week as I usually am…but I’m not worried as a bit of refreshing does us all GOOD!

Things I’m excited about during this week...
There's lots happening this week and most days hold something somewhat exciting, but I guess I am most excited about being the Guest Speaker at a Life Coaching Monthly meet-up on Tuesday. I have the honour of sharing on ‘the power of positive thinking’and will be doing some fun practical activities with these inspiring woman! Love my job.

Personal thoughts...
I’m big into walking the walk and talking the talk and this week I'm determined to get on top of mastering my morning routine. I recently released a new FREE E-book on this topic and it’s time I took some of these truths to heart. With developing my new website and lots of new business opportunities opening up, I’ve been finding it so easy to get back from my morning run at 6am and go straight into work mode. This week the challenge is to take 30 minutes each morning to sit outside in our little garden, with my coffee and Bible & practice some mindfulness.

I hope you enjoyed Caitlyn's insight into her life. Share your week or thoughts with us via the comments...