Etsy Craft Party 2015 - Photos

I feel as if I can honestly say that this year's Etsy Craft Party has been the best to date! It was a wonderful event and it was all thanks to the incredible people who took part, invested in the night, and sponsored goodies. The party was fueled by getting together, sharing and spreading joy through making, as opposed to a focus on competition between brands. Businesses from far and wide came together in a colourful, yet harmonious mix which meant that the attendees were spoilt! It's an honour to host this annual event and to my knowledge our Durban party is still the only one in South Africa. I don't have enough words to say THANK YOU to the incredible people who made the party possible and showcased how our creative community can collaborate.

Below are lots of photos and that's not even half of them - visit my Facebook page to see even more incredible shots by the talented Eileen of Brightgirl Photography. She out did herself - she captured the night with ease and the result is a vibrant array of shots that are an absolute delight to browse through. The second star of the night was Denise of Freshly Found who hosted the DIY. Her impeccable professionalism, paired with her lovely personal touches allowed crafters to really get creative. The theme set by Etsy was Paper Takes Shape (Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape) and Denise created a craft that each attendee could personalise. The DIY was a paper terrarium or 'Curatorium' as dubbed by Denise. Terry Angelos, artist and all round creative owner of Anthology provided the beautiful venue, which was the perfect setting and backdrop for our festivities. Having the party within Windermere Centre also proved to be a wise choice as they assisted with chairs, ample parking and very helpful car guards. As a bonus Domino's Pizza treated us all to slices of fresh and delicious pizza - straight out the oven as their Windermere branch is upstairs in the centre.

If I could thank each person involved every day for the rest of time... I most certainly would. Of course I had plenty more helping hands including my dear mom Ellen, Nicola from Ask Ashe and Claire (and her mom Moira) who works with me. Without you... it wouldn't have been possible.

The brands and incredible creative businesses that were involved went above and beyond to spoil the attendees. THANK YOU so much - you made the event a true party! The giveaways and goodie bags were amazing thanks to your generosity, which left me in awe and filled my heart with gratitude. 

We want to share the goodies with you too - click here to see what was inside the bags and enter to win one.

Here are the incredible brands who took part:
Shavanee for sponsoring paper

Want to see even more - visit this Facebook album or this post which features a goodie bag giveaway!