Intermediate Creative Business Workshop: 29 August 2015

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DATE: 29th August 2015
VENUE: The Benjamin Hotel, Florida Road, Durban
FULL DAY COURSE: 9am - 4:30pm
COST: R1000
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Space is very limited so don't delay.

The workshops are aimed at creative business owners in a variety of fields from photography and design to crafters or even bloggers. If you have your own business (or want to start your own) and want to learn and prosper, then the workshops are ideal for you. The Intermediate Workshops are for those who are in the industry and on the right track, but would perhaps like step it up a notch.

The workshops started in Durban with sold out dates and an amazing array of creatives joining in and 2013 I added Joburg into the mix as well as Cape Town in 2014. All past attendees have given wonderful reviews. Creatives who attend can look forward to a day of learning with practical examples and case studies of successful businesses. The day is the ideal platform for networking within a creative environment. All the courses include a delicious lunch, snacks, a really lovely goodie bag and a host of giveaways from wonderful brands.

TO BOOK: Visit the booking site - click here.

How do I know I'm intermediate? 
You already have an understanding of social media and own a business / blog or are thinking of starting one. You enjoy being online and want to grow your business / blog even further.

The Facts:
This workshop is aimed at creatives who are ready to expand, grow their business and blog readership. You would like to get an even better understanding of the various tools available to you.

What does your hard earned money get you?

Creative Goal Setting:  How to breakdown and achieve your personal and business goals.

Creative Branding:  Tying your brand and business together as one. We cover the essentials of what creates a good brand.

Online Presence / Social Media Tips:  We will focus on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and how these can work towards generating customers. clients or blog readers and in turn more sales and opportunities.

Blogging Tips:  Planning, scheduling and basic creative tips for putting posts together.

Creative Marketing Ideas:  Fun, cost effective ways to generate interest in your business or blog.

How to Approach the Press & Connect with Influencers:  Want to have your products or blog featured in magazines? I will give you the tips you need, from what to say to how you to say it.

Question and Answer Session:  A time for you to chat to me about your problems, new ideas or even plans for your business.

In addition you will receive snacks, an amazing lunch, the chance to mingle and make new friends as well as network. A goodie bag bursting with wonderful surprises will also be waiting for you!

TO BOOK: Visit the booking site - click here.

If you have questions or want more info: 
Email me ( or call me (072 093 7730) or for bookings click here.