Longing for London

London has this way of burrowing into your heart and setting deep roots into your soul that forever stay intertwined into your being. Perhaps my thought sounds dramatic, but I can truly say that this is the way I feel about the city, a place that now seems to be built into my every fibre and DNA. I might be a deep thinker or even overly sentimental, but I know I'm not alone in my true love affair with a place that is so powerful in its being. It's something that is difficult to explain, something that has to be experienced, understood... lived. 

The tourist attractions are varied and wonderful, but the true heartbeat of the city lives in the moments and places experienced when you least expect it. It's in an encounter with a stranger, a warm Starbucks on a cold morning, the sound of your favourite song playing on your earphones as you walk the streets. It's in seeing the view from Waterloo Bridge, or darting into a side street only to discover a beautiful boutique or secret garden. My suggestion is to explore, walk and walk, then walk some more. Immerse yourself in London's life, glance up at Big Ben, feel the history that surrounds you, find your new favourite coffee shop and opt for a little something different. 

I was honoured to write a few quotes about London for Webjet's blog - it was easy, my thoughts and love poured out onto a page. Take a look at the post and share in my adoration. In addition here are a few of my favourite London photos taken while I lived there or on holiday. Each of these photos capture a different aspect of London extraordinaire.

My beloved Goldershill Park

Hampstead Heath

Brick Lane