A Tough, Painful & Testing Week

An email and social media free week is almost unheard off in our life and times, especially with how busy we all find ourselves. Well, you might or might not have noticed, but I took a break from social media and email because I ended up in hospital unexpectedly. The choice happened by default because I had to put my health first. When it came to cancelling, postponing and rescheduling it amazed me how understanding people were. I was so grateful for that. I can be quite tough on myself, so I assumed that most clients would be annoyed, but quite the opposite happened (a relief of course). I don't want to delve into the reasons for ending up there - it involved excessive pain, an insane amount of tests, prayers, tears, anxiety, patience, hospital food (I like the jelly) and love.

I think it also opened my eyes to how many of us can be fine one minute and desperately unwell the next. I also think that it's time to take things a bit slower. We are all so busy and yes, that's a good thing, but when is enough enough? I'm not here to pretend that a health scare has changed my point of view, I have felt this way for a long time and this past week's experience has just solidified it (read my 'less is more' post). Let's be more gentle, let's prioritise and let's take it slower.

I'm back to email, social media and work, but I am taking it slowly and that's just the way it has to be. Thank you for those who have messaged, shown care and of course to my family and Daniel who were my absolute rays of joy through it all. Hooray! I'm back home, sleeping in my own bed and that feels pretty damn good. I met people along the way who made it all so much more bearable and for that I am infinitely grateful.

I know that I am fortunate to have access to great health care and little luxuries for which I am glad of. Nonetheless things can be tough and small comforts are very welcome. I'm totally aware that these are absolute luxuries and not essential to getting better, but they did add a little sparkle to my day and extra hope to my heart.
PJ Pants from Love Long Length: These kept me comfortable and made me feel less like I was wearing PJ's day in and out.

First 5 App: Hospitals are sad, dull places and a faith boost is always needed. I really gleaned great solace from this useful and beautifully designed app.

Himalayan Pink Salt & Vanilla Popcorn from Woolies: I'm hooked.

EOS Lipbalm: Such a fun conversation starter with the nurses. They all wanted to know what was inside the 'pink egg'.

Joyful Designs Coloring Book & Docrafts Brush Markers: The keepers of my sanity while I waited for yet another test result, doctor or answer. Both of these are from CNA.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins: Fantastic book so far!