A City Adventure...

19 March 2018

Chimp & Zee at uShaka invited me for an unexpected rope adventure (how unusual) and I gladly accepted. I really enjoy trying different things within my very own city, it’s a reminder that there is always something to be explored. I rifled through my contacts to think of a suitable “date” to join me. My client and friend Sabrina sprung to mind. She never backs away from a challenge and her company is always welcome. Off we set on our girls’ day out, Sabrina in the most stylish of sport attire (obviously) topped with her pearly cap added a hint of style to our excursion. How lucky we were with Durban’s summery weather, blue skies, the ocean beyond and a partner in crime that was as excited as I was. 

“Situated in Ushaka Marine World, Durban, this state of the art rope adventure park is ideal fun for the whole family. Designed and operated by Chimp & Zee the course takes you through and above Sea World, giving you amazing views of the park, aquarium tanks and surrounding area.”

Five reasons to head to Chimp & Zee at uShaka:
It Clears the Mind: From the minute we begun the focus was on the challenge at hand. I don’t often get to press the reset button on my brain and this was the ideal way to take an adventurous break and just enjoy the course ahead. We also left our phones behind as we knew that the team would be capturing our moments (you can request that they take photos). It makes for a digital break which I welcomed with open arms.

It’s Heaps of Fun: That is surely obvious by my ridiculously wide smile. I love a challenge and that was why I accepted this particular invitation. It is something that just brings out that bubbly happiness from within, almost childlike in its joy. My favourite element was surely the zip lines, it was exhilarating without feeling too frightening. The team members (Thando and Sabelo) were also really helpful and ensured we felt safe and knew how best to tackle the different elements.

The View: Both Sabrina and I paused for ages to look over the view of the turtle pool. The shimmering blue was so beautiful it took us by surprise. 

A Hint of Adrenaline: I wouldn’t say I am an adrenaline junkie, not in the least, but I so enjoy a hint of it. It reminds me of growing up and going to fun fairs and how happy the abundant glow of being outdoors makes me. Chimp and Zee offers just the right amount... exhilarating.

It’s a Bonding Experience: Sabrina and I are close in a way that is different to a conventional client relationship, but embarking on this adventure together was a bonding experience both in our shared joy and in trying something new, different and unexpected.

What to Pack:
  • Sunscreen
  • Gym gloves if you have them. Not an essential, but it keeps those silky manicured hands intact.
  • A cap and sunglasses if the weather is sunny or if, like me you prefer hiding your peepers behind shades for photos. 
  • Water and a snack: There are lockers so you can put your belongings away. A little healthy snack is a welcome reprieve post swinging fun.
  • Your adventuring spirit: We need not leave the city to try something different. It makes you feel alive!
I would head back in a heartbeat and it would be awesome for a bigger group of friends to join me. It’s ideal as a team building adventure, whether you’re venturing with your nearest and dearest or looking for some healthy competition with colleagues. I found the course easy, but challenging enough that it was enjoyable and it made me think about how to tackle my next step and keep moving. Perhaps on my next date I will challenge my beloved to this, followed by celebratory cocktails on the Mojo Pier. Clink, clink to fun, folly and channeling my inner adventurer with Chimp & Zee.