A sweet Thank U

29 July 2009

It isn't everyday that you get to start with a thank you. I got this one from my friend Hannah for a special pair of shoes that I managed to arrange for her. Tan brogues to be exact and they are amazing! For those of you who don't know...I am a shoe buyer at Mr Price and Cupcake Couture is my part time inspiration. Look out for our brogues in store...I have already had Glamour magazine phoning about them - in demand!


New Creations

This week I have been very busy making things for I heart Market plus just playing around and designing a few accessories for myself.

Mooi & I heart Market in Elle Decor...

Both Mooi and I heart Market are in the current issue of Elle Decor. Very good news for Cupcake Couture.

Market Time...

A poodle creation

26 July 2009

My friend Tarryn had a 50's Rock & Roll party. To add to the outfit...I made this poodle brooch...complete with collar.

Mooi Today...

25 July 2009

I really enjoy my visits to Mooi. I try to go at least once a week as the store layout always changes...and what a treat it is to see what they have been up. Amazing as always.
Danka has been a busy gal...and made the cute army men brooches. They are sweet enough to take home and adds a bit of military chic to any outfit! The typewriter on top of the cases was my favourite.

Fred Flare...

20 July 2009

I just love looking at Fred Flare for inspiration! The accessories are super quirks! Cupcake floss...um...I need asap!

Durban as Inspiration...

18 July 2009

I find that it is imperative to explore your surroundings. I have lived in Durban for most of my life and still discover inspiring things each day. It reminds me that inspiration is all around and that wishing for far away destinations or trips is not always necessary. Take a look around today...you never know what is just around the corner...a cute haberdashery, a gallery...even an antique shop filled with rare and novel inspiration!

Mooi Today...18 July

Hopped into Mooi today to drop off some new stock and check on what is new...


16 July 2009

My latest inspiration comes from near and far...
Claire - a dear friend just returned from France with these amazing buttons. I don't think I can share these. Sorry. Flowers and cupcakes always inspire me...one you can eat and one you can smell... and the colours...perfection!

Kelli Kars

The most fantastical Kelli...was our 1st customer at I heart Market. So sharp was she on the draw...that she bought her car tee the day before. She is such a fan that she sported it at the Market...meaning more sales for us. Thanks Kel!
We will have more of these cute, retro tees at the next Market. Danka my most talented friend is sewing up a storm and look out for the cute car brooches that come with the tee!

I heart Market ~ July

Due to a lack of internet at the new Cupcake Couture residence...things have been a bit slow. I do hope we will be back up and running and doing more blogging soon!

Last Saturday was the July I heart Market and it was fun amazing and pretty! I spotted some lovely ware at some of the other stalls. Check out Luckyou Handmade for some mouthwatering felt creations. The ribbon and buttons that Sara (the creator) uses are some of the most beautiful I have seen! I also spotted some vintage lovelies - need to remember to not shop at the Market, but rather sell! Whoops!
Enjoy the pics of what was on offer...hope to see you at the next I heart Market on the 1st of August!

Lady Luck Rules Ok

05 July 2009

More fun inspiration...
Take a look at Lady Luck Rules Ok.

Frankie Magazine

Frankie Magazine is amazing. They are based in Australia, but inspire the world over. Love it!

Almost Market time...