Amazing things at Poppytalk Handmade...

Love looking at goodies from far away I just need a credit card with no if! Take a look at Poppytalk Handmade.

Little Edie

I have been fascinated for quite some time by Little Edie of Grey Gardens. Her story is quite extraordinary. Her capes and brooches...lend themself to many a trend. When you get some read more about her. Even better - - - take a look at the Grey Gardens Collection. I think it is easy to forget how frail life is. Edie is a poignant reminder of this.

Your Invitation...

Join Cupcake Couture at I heart Market next Saturday. It is sure to be a fantastical day! xxx

LOVE xxx

Love is a Melbourne based fashion label begun by Geneine Honey in 2002. Geneine uses her own drawings as a source of inspiration for her designs. Well... I LOVE them all.

What I saw this week...

Koi in a pond: Their colours, shape and movement are inspirational.

The paper and string on this muffin is what caught my eye. pure.

Biso Shoe Repair: I love the sign. I think I would entrust my shoes to them...Mr Blahnik might beg to disagree.

Fashion show front rowers: the plain yet visually interesting ensemble of the man in the red pants was amazing. He had some awesome badge come brooches on...front row royalty for sure! The spectacles of the gentleman on the right makes nerd chic...just that...chic!

New / Old Book: I found it for R4 at a charity shop. It was published in 1987 and reminds me why Durban is my inspiration.

The cupcake: A perfect shade of icing to compliment my lip gloss.
These are some of the things I saw this past week that made me pause for thought - - - in and around Durban.

This month at Mooi

Detail on one of Cupcake Couture's corsages.

Absolutely adoring flamingos at the moment.

I haven't been into Mooi for a while as so much has been happening. Decided to stop by yesterday and see what they are up to and what the shop looks like this week. As always - it was different. Mooi stocks some of Cupcake Couture's creations amongst some other interesting and fun objects!

Fashion Now 2

I received Fashion Now 2 as a gift. The pages are a dream and offer up their knowledge about a plethora of designers. I wish my textbooks at school looked like this...who needs maths when you have fashion...1 shoe + 1 shoe = a pair.

Sweet little vanity...

I found a sad little vanity at a charity shop, but it still caught my eye. Once opened it revealed a little key and red lining! I scooped it up in my arms and promised it a new home. On closer inspection I decided to ask my dearest Daniel who is my right hand Cupcake Couture creative collaborator to freshen it up. Daniel is not only a DIY guru, furniture designer or artist, but an expert spray painter too. Due to his line of work he had all the right primers and paints to make sure that this sweet little vanity had the right to be vain. Beautiful. I will be investing in some more vanity cases in dire need of help and hope to bring some to the September market to sell. Look out - - - there isn't much that some colour can't fix!

Cupcake Couture pairs up...

Shoes sponsored by Mr Price - who else!
The Cupcake Couture signature belt with a bit of neon love.

Aososie as featured in Seventeen

For the Summer Collections of Sanlam SA Fashion Week - Cupcake Couture got the momentous opportunity to join forces with Khumo Moshimane. A bit of sewing, stitching, vintage cutlery plus a splash of neon madness...and there you have it...AOSOSIE - Khumo's label. Cupcake Couture took care of the accessories whilst Khumo used her creative talents to design the pieces. It was a real journey and reminded me (as if I needed it) that fashion is not always fabulous work! Dion Chang in the front row meant that the pressure was on. A sculptured hat with a plate as a base, our signature heart belt with added fork, neon bows and that touch of competitive African chic made for a memorable show. Pieces from the range have been featured in both Glamour and Seventeen magazines. Luck be a lady for fashion week! The cherry on the koek or should I say cupcake...was having the accessories featured in an exhibit at The Craft and Design Centre which focused on improving the supply and demand of handmade products within Gauteng.

This weeks crafts...

Each week has to be filled with crafts! This week I made a stationery set for a friend's birthday. I used paper with colourful cages and birds on and jollied them up with strawberries for cheer! The notebook came with a decorated pencil and a little paperclip to keep those important notes at bay whilst still adding some bright colour to a busy day! I hope there is much more stationery in Cupcake Couture's future...

Mooi in the news...

I am sure most of you have become accustomed to my musings about Mooi, but I have another! Mooi was featured in the newspaper last week and if you take a look at the pic you will see they are standing next to a mannequin wearing one of the Cupcake Couture belts plus one of Danka's (Black Butterfly) hats. Oh the joy! Lucky us! Thanks Mooi ladies!

Fat Tuesday

I am very delighted to say...that Cupcake Couture is now stocked at Fat Tuesday which is the gallery slash super amazing shop above Cafe Vanille in Kloof. officially have not lived until you have taken a browse around this little shop. It is filled with grosgrain ribbon (my fav), art, quirky quirks, nik naks, stationery alongside cheap and cheerful accessories...not to mention one of a kind jewellery...oh oh...the list goes on...cameras. Talking about the cameras - my dear little sister invested in one called fisheye2. Take a look at the website. I can't wait till she is snapping away! So - Cupcake Couture is now available at this spectacular spectacular shop! I will be tempted to spend my earnings right there!

More of... Durban as Inspiration

On Saturday I was inspired once again by our fair Durban, but this time in Kloof at Vanille Cafe. From the very second that one arrives... your heart feels at peace and the beauty all around strikes you. Broken furniture creates haphazard sculptures that entertain the eye. Long forgotten crockery makes for a Miss Havisham tea party amidst the trees. Small details are left to be shaped and aged by the hands of nature. All so visually attractive, enchanting and beautiful. Take the time to enjoy it - you won't be sorry!

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