What I saw this week...

Koi in a pond: Their colours, shape and movement are inspirational.

The paper and string on this muffin is what caught my eye. String...so pure.

Biso Shoe Repair: I love the sign. I think I would entrust my shoes to them...Mr Blahnik might beg to disagree.

Fashion show front rowers: the plain yet visually interesting ensemble of the man in the red pants was amazing. He had some awesome badge come brooches on...front row royalty for sure! The spectacles of the gentleman on the right makes nerd chic...just that...chic!

New / Old Book: I found it for R4 at a charity shop. It was published in 1987 and reminds me why Durban is my inspiration.

The cupcake: A perfect shade of icing to compliment my lip gloss.
These are some of the things I saw this past week that made me pause for thought - - - in and around Durban.