28 September 2009

Take a look at this delectable packaging. Delicious! Lovely Package is all about packaging design. I know I am guilty of buying things because of the box they come in rather than what is actually inside.

It's Market Time...

Goodwiu Vintage

26 September 2009


22 September 2009

Shop at Maison B was a destination...a secret, magical place that contained my dreams in Greek Street, Soho. Hidden away unless you looked more closely. Armed with my navigator...Daniel and a map...we set off. Roaming around interesting journey it was. Maison Bertaux is an old style bakery were service is slow, but good and treats are sugary and bliss filled. Down some narrow stairs is where Madame had her treasure trove...Shop at Maison B.
I spotted Madame a couple of times in her perfectly applied red lipstick and pristine vintage. What I loved most was Madame’s little films of her buying trips...quirky music teamed with old world glamour.
The shop is no longer, but Madame continues on her blog...

Button Love

20 September 2009

I found these vintage buttons this weekend whilst hunting around town. It is going to be so difficult to part with these beauties, but I promise to share them. A Smartie box of creations awaits. I have such a passion for buttons and am totally in love with these - they remind me of a luxury box of chocolates...waiting to be this case they are waiting to be made into something special.

Endless possibilities...

16 September 2009

New fabric, buttons and trims...endless possibilities if you ask me. Watch them turn into new Cupcake Couture pieces.

Christian Louboutin for Laduree

One of the best shoe designers coupled with beautiful if Laduree needed any help. Winning recipe deluxe! Can't afford the shoes then opt for a roon! Design has hit stratospheric heights.


Hotcakes Design Jewelry is inspired by classic Bakelite jewelry. All the way from San Francisco it is now available at Fat Tuesday in Kloof. Best you get there quick before I snap it all up!

Before & After

I am all for recycling, redesigning, rethinking, remaking and reusing. I had some amazing pear juice at dinner the other night and took the dinky bottle home. Today it is a vase. Love it!

Happiness is...a pink phone

15 September 2009

Cupcake Couture's Weekend

14 September 2009

Sites at Vanille - Kloof

Nougat - Woolworths, Starburst Lipbalm - Dischem, Bee Brooch - Mr Price Accessories, Decorative Stickers Tin - Fat Tuesday

Lear's Birds

13 September 2009

Pictures courtesy of the Academy of Natural Science

More post just wasn't enough. Edward Lear's drawing are an artistic wonder.

Birds on Etsy

It is a common know fact that I adore and love birds - both real and ornamental. From their feathers to their mannerisms - they are cute in every way. To fuel my compulsive love - I peeped at all the beautiful bird inspired goods on Etsy. Winged heaven!

Jars for Fashion Week

The ribbon

Lots of little scissors

Needle Cards

Bits & bobs for decoration

I had the wonderful opportunity of making sewing jars for the Mr Price / Elle New Talent Awards. The goodie bags are filled with fabulous things...earrings, stationery, a brooch from Luckyou Handmade plus the Cupcake Couture sewing jar. Inside the scissors, colourful thread, a needle card and safety pins. All a fashionista will need to survive! I am even more happy knowing that one of my little jars is on its way to Jackie Burger the Elle Editor and Chris Viljoen the Elle Fashion Director! Fab!