Shop at Maison B was a destination...a secret, magical place that contained my dreams in Greek Street, Soho. Hidden away unless you looked more closely. Armed with my navigator...Daniel and a map...we set off. Roaming around interesting journey it was. Maison Bertaux is an old style bakery were service is slow, but good and treats are sugary and bliss filled. Down some narrow stairs is where Madame had her treasure trove...Shop at Maison B.
I spotted Madame a couple of times in her perfectly applied red lipstick and pristine vintage. What I loved most was Madame’s little films of her buying trips...quirky music teamed with old world glamour.
The shop is no longer, but Madame continues on her blog...


  1. I remember when it was Shop Girl and I used to buy all of my Silas clothing in there - such a shame its gone :(


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