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With Summer basically upon us...minus a raindrop here and there, I decided to think up some perfect ways to spend a holiday. My favourite - the caravan way. I haven't personally had a caravan holiday. I am not really the camping type. Nightmares of spiders, soggy sleeping bags, being cold and several other scary things keep my vivid imagination occupied. The girlie girl within shrieks at the thought! The idea of a pretty airstream, however is a bit more managable. They conjour up a world of old world holidays when a trip down the coast could be a magical experience. Freedom, the wind in your hair, roadside stops, burgers at a diner, love stories and polaroid memories are just a few of the thoughts that compliment such a trip. Take a moment to come on a little journey with Cupcake Couture.


Vintage Vacations

The Grand Daddy

The Tiny House

Airstream Teapots

Kiko's House

Vintage Cases

The Bay Area Bourgeois

"A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving." -Lao Tzu

One tent I might consider...

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