My visual list...

I am back from my week long holiday - who can believe it! I was really spoilt at Christmas time as well as on holiday. To show you... I have compiled a visual list of some of the amazing gifts I received as well as some goodies I spoiled myself with. I will blog about some other delights I received soon. See below for the details.
Clockwise from the top:
A pink leather envelope from Campo Marzio - pure luxury.
Summer captured in a macaroon - bright and delicious macaroons bought at Melissa's.
A Lakin Bottle from Daniel - this means I won't need to buy bottled water again. A sigh of relief for the environment!
Diana Mini camera from my parents. Watch this space for some of my snaps.
Studded leather belt from County Road.
Bringing Home the Birkin - a book from my best friend Sam.
A bird folder from Nikky Home. Beautiful!