new corsages

29 December 2010

The Christmas cake crumbs are all that are left and cracker wrappings are all cleared up... I hope you had a charming Christmas!

I have been hard at work making new stock.  Here are a few ribbon corsages/rosettes I have been working on.  They are made from ribbon and sold on printed cards - making them the perfect gift, if I do say so myself.  Back to ribbon cutting for me - loads more to do and make.

Have yourself a 'deer' Christmas

24 December 2010

To all my lovely readers and followers - here is wishing you a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!
Savour each moment and make it magical*

*Postcard from Cupcake Couture's collection - available at next years I heart Market.

The Great Gatsby

23 December 2010

Thank you to Lauren for her amazing photos and thank you to all of you for your comments on the previous post.

With The Great Gatsby movie being remade and directed by Baz Luhrmann - I felt inspired to live out some of my 1920's dreams with this inspiration which I felt were apt to the mood of the book. Not to sound cliched, but it is one of my favourite stories and I always feel that I can visualise each character, each party and I can almost taste the mint julep.  Enjoy these and feel the mood of this wonderful and sad story...

Thrifting & Friends

19 December 2010

The two lovely ladies from The Thrift Collection recently held a tea for rummaging and taking a look at their latest finds and bargains.  Fashion, cake, sunny weather...friends and exceptionally cheap prices...get me there!
I found a neutral, well fitting jacket for R50 and my dear friends both found some belts...always useful to update your look.
The three ladies in the centre pic looked so great that I just had to snap their outfits.  Inspiration aplenty!
Thanks Thrift Ladies!

To do*

16 December 2010

To do has replaced I do this week.
Busy days filled with very long lists.

I love the colours in this print.  Found on the Etsy site of The Wheatfield.
Hope you are having a good week!

Made a Mrs

12 December 2010

I am back and married so hello from Mrs Cupcake Couture.
Thank you for all the lovely comments in my absence.

Many of you have asked me for pictures from the wedding and I do promise that they are coming.  In the meantime I have decided to show you some details from my dress. 
These buttons were hand picked from far and wide and each has a story to share.  Some are from Liberty in London, another from Frock Me Vintage Fair, gifts from friends like Danka & Jo the button queen, others are from my granny and great granny's collections...each special!

Our wedding day was all we could have dreamed of!

I want you - I need you

08 December 2010

You are bound to have a picture perfect Christmas in these party frocks! 
Available at this bonbon flavoured Etsy shop!

Guest Post: Pretty Peculiarities

07 December 2010

Hello everyone! I'm Jenny from Pretty Peculiarities.  I'm from Sweden, but am married to a South African, so I live part time in Durban. Right now, we're suffering the coldest winter in 100 years in Stockholm, so finding things to do inside is essential. I've always loved working with paper and pens, and have made my own Christmas cards for years. This year I thought I'd use some of the lovely Japanese origami – or washi – paper that I collect. I think they look quite festive and often come in very Christmasy colours.

You'll need a few assorted sheets of washi paper, though any other nice patterned paper will serve just as well, and also some monocoloured paper or cardboard to use as a base for the cards. Scissors, paper glue, some nice envelopes and pens. Draw letters and whatever other seasonal shapes you fancy on the back of the washi paper (remember to draw the letters backwards) and cut them out carefully.
Arrange the letters and shapes on the monocoloured papers, combining what you think looks best together, and start glueing! Save a few of the smaller shapes for the envelopes and glue them on as well. By the way, GOD JUL is how you would greet a Swede come Christmas.

Since the washi papers I used were quite busy, I kept the design rather simple, but depending on the pattern (and your scissors skill!) you can get as creative as you want. I believe handmade cards are always appreciated a little bit more than store bought ones, and in this digital age something arriving in the post is bound to please.

Guest Post: the windmill diary

06 December 2010

Hi.  I am Terry from The Windmill Diary.
I only recently started to call myself and artist although I have always done something creative.  I am really loving just simply painting and drawing again and have been very lucky that people have responded well to my work.  I am still new at this so exploring all kinds of ideas and techniques.

I love drawing the natural world, birds, proteas etc, and also quirky old things like vintage dolls, typewriters, shoes.  In honor of Nadia's wedding, here is a pic of a drawing I did recently of someone's wedding shoes.

I am working on using paper in a more sculptural way and these are my first attempts.I am working on this concept for an exhibition I am calling "Paper Trail" at Fat Tuesday gallery in Kloof, Durban planned for 15th February to 6th March.

*see more of my work on my blog

live as you dream

02 December 2010

pearled's flickr album is full of dreamy shots of far away and interesting places
pretty to look at

Guest Post: Emma-Jane

29 November 2010

Hi, I'm Emma-Jane from emmajanenation. I'm an almost wed, almost design graduate. I have one more year of studying and then who knows. The creative world is my oyster! Thanks very much to Nadia for having me :) and come visit k! x

For glamours 70th birthday they did a shoot, using up and coming hollywood starlets, styled as famous american icons over the past seven decades. These are my favorites and I even went and researched the originals to include the post and they're pretty spot on! nice!

there are a few more over at the US Glamour website

(stop, look, listen, love)

26 November 2010

*happy weekend*
beautiful illustrations from Clare Owen

Guest Post: Kristi Kyle

25 November 2010

My name is Kristi Kyle and I run Kristi Kyle Jewelry from my workstation at home. I am mommy to the most amazing baby boy - His name is Jesse, 6 months old, and I swear he's perfect. I have moved around the last few years, but have settled this year in Hillcrest where I supply handmade jewelry collections for local boutiques. I discovered the craft of jewelry making while I was living in California and I have never put my tools down ever since!

I am not sure when I first laid eyes on the whimsical art of the flower bib necklace, but I have been in love with them ever since. I purposed to make one of my own someday and when a dear friend of mine had a 21st birthday on the horizon, I jumped at the chance to try my luck at one for her gift.

I ‘you-tubed’ how to make ribbon flowers and went to work using a taupe and champagne colour palette. I sketched an approximate shape for my bib on one piece of scrap fabric and traced the same shape onto felt. I cut the shapes out and glued my flowers, buttons and goodies on the fabric shape only. Actually, for this very first bib I was totally insecure and hand-sewed every detail together. Two pieces of equal length ribbon are then glued or sewn onto the fabric to secure your necklace. Lastly, glue the felt shape onto the back to hide the mess. And there you have it. I’ve been addicted ever since!

To wear your very own, you can visit my etsy shop or contact me for local orders. Here are a few other lovely ladies showcasing their creations.
{ P.S: Woolworths has a pretty cute denim version at the moment too}