For Sale from Cupcake Couture - SOLD

Little Turquoise Telephone:

Price: 110ZAR (incl. postage within South Africa) -
Sorry - this product has been sold.
For international shipping costs - please contact me via

Height: 10cm
Length from front to back: 17cm
Width across with handset: 19cm

This is a vintage children's toy phone. It looks super real though and the colour is unique. It was part of a set that linked to each other so that you can sit in one room and chat to a person in another. Now it just sits pretty as part of your decor.

To purchase please email
Terms & Conditions available on request and will be sent when a purchase enquiry is made.


  1. It's such a beaut!

  2. oh u know i love...has any one bought? else otherwise.... after tuesday yes please x

  3. Hi Hannah - there is a buyer for the phone, but waiting for final confirmation and will let you know. Thanks.

  4. all the best with your online sales - very exciting - x

  5. wow!
    no ways!
    I got the set with the box and everything! They're "walkie talkies" well...not so much walkies as talkies. my cable is faulty though, but I use mine as book ends.


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