Cupcake Couture is so excited to be part of Papergirl SA.
Papergirl is an art project which, in the style of American paperboys, distributes rolled art pieces by bicycle to random passers-by in the streets. The project started in Berlin and has now spread across the world to Cape Town.  You can be part of the creative process too if you are in Cape Town - just see below for all the details.
I will be sure to post some of my creations that I send off.  Wishing I could be in the city when it takes place.


  1. just sat at the cafe for some blogging and had to write up about paper girl - which landed in my box this morning.

    thereafter i ambled over my my favorite blog reads

    you beat me to it i see - spreading the love.

  2. Congrats girl, this sounds fab!

  3. Great idea. Hope it spreads to Durban next!

  4. I hope it comes to Durban too. Thanks for the comments. x


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