Cupcake Couture's Must Have Items

Don't let me be the one to remind you the importance of key items.  This week I feel that these are my essentials for a better life:

The Men's Watch

Hunt around vintage shops for broken ones that can be worn as bracelets.  Alternatively go shopping for a real men's watch.  Tempo at American Swiss does some affordable, authentic styles.  This beauty is from ASOS.

The Satchel:

Alexa Chung dangles one so why not invest in a scholarly look yourself. I found mine in a charity shop for £2. A vintage one will have more character and the leather will have that worn in appeal.

The Brogue:

Comfort and an instant wardrobe update awaits you once you embrace the brogue.  Mr Price has some casual "man shoe" options as well has the more committed brogues...look out for the pink, grey and teal options that are in store at the moment.  Contact 031 310 8156 to locate a store near you with your size.  Alternatively for the shoppers not in South Africa - try ASOS.

Let me know what you think are current essential items.  Perhaps I will include your selection in next weeks "Must Have" post.  If you have a clothing range, accessory label or some great ideas then tell me about it and you will be credited for your contribution should it be selected.