A day out in Durban

For the first time in the history of I heart Market...Cupcake Couture got to meander around and actually shop at the stalls instead of just dash past them.  All this is in a bid to do some living in 2010.  I love work...especially the craft and creative kind that my little business allows, but I spent the majority of last year with my head down, laying the foundations for my passion.  Now...I am not giving CC any less time, I am just balancing and realigning in order to feel as inspired as possible.

I loved Terry's Art...you can see her amazing work dotted around the collages.  I am so in need of the painting of the dolly as it looks just like Lulu who I have blogged about before.  Early birthday gift...anyone?  Terry can't help being creative any more than she can help breathing...and she seems to putting her talent to good use.  Bare was a new addition to the market with her trinkets and jewels.  I especially liked the birds, but then again you knew that!  Cute as a button was true to their name.  The clips and heart brooches were delightful.  Lisa and Jo didn't disappoint with there usual array of stamps and creative supplies to inspire.  Their table is a huge attraction!  Miss Molly's ode to the runway added some interesting textures and frocks to enjoy Summer in.  There were more familiar faces to be seen...some of the usual shoppers have now got their own stalls.  Great to see new ideas filtering in.  I had a brilliant day off.  Although...I had some stressed shoppers asking or wondering where the Cupcake Couture table was...don't worry CC will be back at I heart Market soon.  Watch this space.

Heading home I spotted these two style mavens.  Khumo designer of the label Aososie and Assistant Accessories buyer at Mr Price.  She was out showing Marize Malan the winner of the Elle New Talent Award just what Durban has on offer.  Read more about Marize's internship on the Mr Price Blog.